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The final countdown came to “The End” of the 20th Titanic International Film Festival  March, 13. 2013, at Budapest. Before the  Gala took place had a chance to have a word with Mr. Jiri Menzel at the buffet in the Urania Cinema.  He told me he had a splendid time meeting friends here in Budapest, where he loves to come by once in a while. Seen he was relaxed and as always keeping up with joking. As seen in the slide show having conveniently sitting relaxing his legs. Asked him did he copy this way of  sitting from the americans, he immediately answered with a wide smile, Quote: “NO … the Americans learn this way of sitting from me”. So this  was  just one proof of his great sence of humor. After having a word with him, he and his interpreter went inside the cinema to open the night at the Gala.

In the international jury committee seated the Irish producer Mr. Morgan Bushe “Nothing Personal”, director Mr. Szabolcs Hajdu (Macerás ügyek) Sticky Matters and (Fehér tenyér) White Palms. bibliotheque Pascal and  the president  Mr. Jiri Menzel.

The Australian Oscar Nominee of 2013   took the first prize, the Breaking Waves Award of Ms. Cate Shortland’s “LORE” , along with the 8000 euro which was supported by the Hungarian National Film Fund. Lore will be out here at the cinemas from May, 2. 2013., distributed by Mozinet.

The world-famous Mr. Jiri Menzel personally handed over  a special award to Ms. Mira Fornay – My Dog Killer.

During the Titanic Festival at the end of each screening the viewers received a coupon to vote of their best liked films. So at the end of the festival there was an audience award. The figures showed the thumbs-up, to the community award of the film: Lidice  by Czech director Mr. Petr Nikolaev.

Standing in the second and third place, the awards went out to Matti Kinnunen’s –  Miss Blue Jeans, and the American musical documentary by Mr. Emmett Malloy – Big Easy Express.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Hello Serrurier … Tks. for taking ya time and posting ya comment. It is always a pleasure to see someone enjoys what they read. Now… when are ya coming over to Budapest to roll around the places and have some Hungarian delights? Or next week, when there will be at the city of Miskolc the Miskolc Film Festival, if ya road leads ya to Hungary.
    Wishing ya a Fab. week-end… rollinginbudapest.com


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