Márai Express – Expreience Train to Kosice, the European Capital of Culture, Slovakia

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In addition to the gastronomical festival in Budapest farther in-country train adventure with the MÁV Nostalgia Ltd. took curious passengers to Kosice on Saturday, March, 20. 2013 on the “Márai Express”. The MÁV Experience Train to Kosice, (Slovak Košice) the European Capital of Culture.  Slovakia’s second largest city located on the coast of the Hernad-Hungarian border, only 16 km away. The total time of  our journey was three-and-a-half hours from Budapest, distance of 272kms, but the time was running fast experiencing the entertainment all brought to the travelers by the professional staff .

The MÁV Nostalgia Ltd trips are becoming increasingly popular rolling on the tracks inland and abroad onwards and upwards with the „Advanture Travel Show”.The MAV Nostalgia Ltd. staff ensured passengers comfort throughout the journey and aired continuous information throughout the whole destination. This year, the MÁV Nostalgia Ltd celebrated its 20 anniversary.

Our ride was open by Mr. Szendrey Andrew, CEO of MÁV Nostalgia Ltd. who greeted the passengers and introduced the programs, adventures to come on the train. Shortly upon our departure Hungarian sausage delights and pálinka was given as a warm welcome to the passengers.  The travelers attention were brought to move around in the cars and visit some excitements, as the Retro Bistro car, the Orpheum car brought live music by the Holiday Star band who entertained the guests at the dance car, dining car on the move… needn’t had to worry no spills, the plates were not only good for the eyes but very tasty too with typical Hungarian delicious yummies. The “Marai express” dining car is traveling with reasonable prices and delicious snacks waiting for breakfast and supper. The Adventure Train first casual school dance “Saturday Fever – Rolling dance school” with the „Everydance Studio” dancers teaching the latest steps on the dance floor. Also the Adventure Train Orpheum car offered a special „traveling-exhibition” of photographer Mr. Gábor Tamási railway themed pictures. Prehaps this is the first train rolling on the tracks presenting an exhibition in the world.

Rolling Library was on board, anyone could feel free to take some reading to their seat and when finished the reading they were kindly asked to bring it back to the Orfeum Car.  The library will grow-and-grow by the travelers leaving their unwanted books on the train and most probably will be appreciated in the future by passengers enjoying to read them later.

Arriving to Kosice the train rolled to the „heating house” international craft exhibition which was an entry free program organized by MÁV Nostalgia Ltd.

On our way back, in the evening mini-dance contest was out for Latin American dances with valuable prizes for the dancing queens  and kings. Also prizes went upon the draws to those who gave the correct answers on the special MÁV questioner form given which was distributed after our departure at the Western Railway Train Station in Budapest.

After the arrival to Kosice groups were formed and visitors could join a local tourist guide, but some individuals  rather took the adventure tour by themselves. One of the city’s most prominent monument not to be missed was of the great works of Gothic architecture, the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Elizabeth. The cathedral has been the site from the 13th century. At first there was a church that burned down in 1378. Then started the construction of the cathedral, in 1521 it was finished completely. The three-nave hall church had another fire in 1556, when the altar become a victim. The present appearance was reconstructed in the 19th centuries by the renewal won by Mr. Imre Steindl who upon his redevelopment plans the Parliament  was designed. The weather was marvelous and the thumbs up for the arrangements of the staff on the Experience Train.

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June, 7.2013. Music Express to Gödöllő on the “Candlelit dinner train” on Mother’s Day with honor guest singer, Ms. Kati Kovács

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Tips to follow dates and journeys: http://www.mavnosztalgia.hu/en/

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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