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There are only hours left to „The End” to the 20th Titanic International Film Festival  2013 – Budapest!

Indeed the Czech barrels of its Staropramen beer will be empty. Also an end stop with the vibration going to and being around the festival during the past days at the cinemas for the movie lovers.  For the time being, to-day had the opportunity to see at the exhibition brought to the VAM Design Center introducing Prague’s contemporary architectural to be showing the future world of its sights and sound of the modern Prague.  What may have really tickled many visitors was to see personally, the most successful Czech New Wave director Mr. Jiri Menzel.

Early Thursday evening the air was pretty hot … no … not because the hot summer had arrived to Budapest, yet not …have to wait for that, but for the arrival to hold a presentation by the 75 years old  magnificent  Czech director Mr. Jiri Menzel to the VAM Design Center in  Budapest. To meet Mr. Menzel was the cream on top of the cake … why? … because probably not too many of the Czech citizens may see him personally like we have had been lately here in Budapest.

While awaiting for his arrival on the main stage two presentation took place and in between tasting Czechs food and beer eased the thirst. Indeed, visitors felt a bit like being in Prague. The first presentation was about the Czech New Wave Academy Award-winning director’s opera. Overall, were warmly advised to see it.

The second presentation was about the exhibition titled “New Face” of Prague to be seen on  the spot.  The presentation was by Czech historians and theoreticians of modern and contemporary architecture,  Mr. Petr Kratochvíl and Mr.Zdeněk Lukes, whereas they gave an overview of the Czech capital city and its modern buildings –  Quote: „The tourists visiting Prague are most familiar with its classic face. That is natural when tourist visit a city or a town.  Well-known,  building a new area needs to constantly evolve and be in dialogue with the past and present. So far hopefully we are doing well, but right now we are far away to compare any similar characteristics to the city of Vienna. We inherited from the socialism era  quite disgusting buildings in Prague.”  Wish to emphasize two superb shots of area  seen at the exhibition. One was the marvelous new age in the design concept to the new neighbourhood around Prague. The surrounded area with the greenery, the house constructions on a relatively small and abruptly slooping site makes the site more-and-more attractive. The tall building has the ability to form a point of orientation, let alone within a unique historic setting can also cause a problem … as tested at the financial district of London, where the commerce have begun to overshadow  St.Paul’s cathedral.  So Praha now is faced with a dilemma of its current process of decentralisation. The homework is out …   under what conditions to allow the skyscrapers into the new local centers. Well we will see what tomorrow may bring!

The second shot of demo was the eye-catching design of  the Slavia Praha Football Stadion, which is to be the most modern sport area in the Czech Republic. It combines a variety of functions… alongside the stadium of 21000 seats for footy lovers! Also thought of having space for office, hotel and conference center and a footy stadion without a fan shop won’t be missing as well. Als, the comfort will be available for the V.I.P.’s with boxes and a club area to get set for the ball!

Here came the fullstop to the presentation! Suddenly faces  and shoulders turned away from the stage, Mr. Menzel half-way walking through  the hall caught everybody’s attention. Visitors wished to be the first to catch him and ran to him to be sure to get his autograph … so our virtual trip to tomorrow’s Prague came to an end.

Stepping to the stage Mr. Menzel was offered some „homeland” the Staropramen beer, but as he stated, he  hates  beer. Hearing that remark, later asked him has he tasted the Hungarian pálinka? He told me he has, but not fond of it so much. Q.: And how about the wines from the land of Hungary? A.: quote I prefer wine and in the case of wines I like the red wines.” Asked him whether he had wine from Szekszárd, one of the best or the best red wine originate from that area. With a wide smile and nodding his head – Quote: “I have previously visited Szekszárd and tastes the red wines  over there and they are very intensive, one of a kind.”  He gave an exclusive presentation and showed snaps of his new movie. One of the visitors asked him does he have in mind to come to Hungary to direct at a theater. Mr.Menzel right away had the answer – Quote: “It depends on how much they pay.  Have not yet been asked to do so, but who knows, it can or may happen but my price is high! By-the-way previously visited and worked in Hungary. Thanks to my lucky star I worked here already and when I ain’t feeling too good at home, I drop over here.” Of course everyone laughed at his comments but seeing the twinkle in his eyes said it all … he himself was also happy of what he said. Well that’s a nice way coming to TheEnd of his a discussion.  After Mr. Menzel presentation movie lovers were lucky enough to see, meet, speak with him  so for many made  their day by getting an autograph personally from him. He was as  generous as can be, signed his name on one’s  label of the Staropramen beer, on a beermat, at the page of his book, some folks brought his photo to be signed,  on the leaflet of the Titanic festival, on lady’s T-shirt, on their skirts and for many signed his name on the bared hands and so forth.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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