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The Craft Hungarian Flavors main objective is to popularize traditional Hungarian cuisine,

The Hungarian Crafts and Flavors Fair main goal was to popularize the traditional  Hungarian cuisine, but yesterday, after 3 days of  “hard work”… as to taste so many delightful flavors,  it closed its door  at the  Millennium Park, Budapest.  More than 100 different flavors of sausage, smoked duck, goose, turkey and pork meat, wide-spread of salamis, new wine from this year harvest and already well-known wine labels were out for tasting throughout the 3 days Fair.

As in the previous years the fair was divided into regions from the homeland of Hungarian masters to the other side of the neighbouring boarders. The fair was a good ground by presenting their home-made food, drinks, spices, sweets, Xmas gingerbread cookies.  The Székely mustards, the Transylvanian stuffed cabbage, the Transylvanian sheep sausage, bacon from Kolozsvár, the rich in taste the home-made pastas were served for tasting and the visitors could do shopping again.

Mr. Árpád Török from Serbia

The lovely couple from Serbia brought along their own made soap made ​​from sour cream … the only stand that had it … along with their jams from their growing plantation and their 100% fruit basic juices, won many visitors attention in tasting and buying.

Seed Oil from Őrség 

Was present at the announcement of the winner of the 3 days competition, the  “master producer”. The most liked, best exhibitor of the year by votes from the visitors. was the Őrség Oils. So the first prize went out to the „Őrségi manufactor” under the name of Batha Porta Pál (Paul) and Judit (Judy).CONGRATULATION!  The family owned couple’s company brought a wide scale of oil products to the fair. Also previously mentioned in my update, the manual seed press means and device. Just in brief the background of two oils. Beside other oils the walnut oil is better than going to the doctor: „Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (70%), consumption is especially indicated for the prevention of atherosclerosis.– It strengthens the heart, circulation and nerves. It contains vitamin B and lecithin of the brain and nervous system, diet, helps in concentration, stimulates brain function.” Also for kids struggling, not being able to concentrate, can  reached for success with the ingredient of the omega-3 fatty acid oil in nuts.

Another great oil I cannot leave before not mentioning: „The pumpkin seed oil is one of the finest edible oils, mainly salads and dressings are used, but for a variety of sauces, dipping definition. Even spice oil, either alone,with bread to eat too! The pumpkin seed oil rich in essential fatty acids, especially high in palmitic, stearic, linoleic acid and oil content. These fatty acids play a very important role in cell growth, youthful skin and other tissues in the preservation of the formation and transport of energy. It is also high in vitamin E content, which is also a potent antioxidant and anti-aging plays an important role. In addition, soybean oil contains a number of important minerals, especially zinc, iron and potassium. In folk medicine used to cure many diseases and is used today.Modern scientific research has shown that soybean oil can prevent a number of diseases and promote healing, such as prostate problems, arthritis, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome and high cholesterol.”

Unfortunately,  to get to order, neither of them goes smooth on English language, even their site is only available in Hungarian language. So getting serious to have any of these oils, be sure to get someone beside you who speaks English and off you go.

”V„  can stand for “Victory” and in a way the Vitabox is a victory drink for keeping you in good health!

My 2nd favorite was „from the tree into the box”, the freshly squeezed, full in taste, just like picking the fruit off the tree, the ”V„ Vitalbox. Is owned by the FRAVIT Ltd. a family company from Lakitelek. The 100% based fruits are in variety of flavors: apple and strawberry, apple and pears, apple and peach, apple and sour cherry, apple and beetroot and this year they come out with a new mixture in taste: apple and Sea Buckthorn. They have compact boxes measured in 5 liters. Buy at least two packsd, to carry it along, to be even … even if it is just to your car. Here are the details for connection:

Rolling back to the “Maroni Chestnuts “

Keep your eyes on the balls, rolls, packs and even the  bottles. Basically they are filled with fresh chestnut cream in a very thin dark chocolate. Also available with fillings like the cottage cheese, sour cheese, plain or with different fresh fruits. The chestnuts bottled are available with chestnuts in honey, as compote and jams. The fresh chestnuts can only be preserved within 3 weeks, but basically I don’t think anyone will keep them in the fridge for that long. Three weeks … they a long gone!

The Maroni Hungary, regularly holds Charity Days at the town of Bakonyszűcsi as to support the mental rehabilitation home for cancer little patients in giving them a little relief, to coop with their health situation.

Here some recipes written in English and Hungarian language as well, using the chestnuts as to lighten up your lunch or supper evenings. Good-appetite:

The organizers of this year  announced  as to set a new goal for themselves at the fair. Titled …” Collecting food for the starving children” Anyone was able to add in the huge basket at the departing door of any raw food brought at the fair, as to help the starving kids in Hungary.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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