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Another year has passed and here’s the “cruise of flavors” to go on again.  You don’t have to be a gastro diplomat to enjoy the delicious Hungarian food.

The place is the same:

Millennium Park  –  Building “B”  – Budapest

November, 16-18. 2012.

So the Fair’s right opened. Now is your time to go and see, taste and enjoy the fair’s  atmosphere. There’s a chance to taste 30 different types of this year’s new wines brought by the brewers.

The local sweet tooth lovers can go on a ride back in time, a little nostalgia will be on its way with having at the fair the late ’60s  pretty popular among kids the so-called “winter ice-cream” I bet all the parents who were kids in those days have surely tasted them at least once. Even for the foreigners visiting the fair will be an interesting experience having an ice-cream in the cold or  freezing winter like the Hungarians do. It was a jolly-good idea from some smart person who  invented the “winter ice-cream” in Hungary. Seems like what’s old comes back as new for the children of to-day. The winter ice-cream is made of a wafer cup filled with real candy like speciality.

Beside the sausages, the traditional stuffed cabbages, hundred labels of  this year’s new wines, pálinka, home-made  dairy products,  honey, cheese, smoked hams, jams,  juices made from 100% fruit, spices to give that extra heavenly taste to your meals and sweets in alsort of forms. So the pleasures out there is endless!

Wish to pull your attention to some stands that would be a pitty not to visit before you leave:

The experience good food needs the testing and here at the fair this is a part of gaining experience throughout  the 3 days. So rolling on your way, you can figure out what you wish to taste …and when you decide you wish to take some home  you can get a bunch of food from the homeland of Hungary and from the folks living in the Hungarian-inhabited areas from around the neighbouring countries. This year even “secrets” are revealing at the “Batha Porta” oils from seeds,  seen on the spot  how the countryside men from Őrség prepared their pumpkin and other seeds oil with the use of manual power.

Príma Maroni has what not only the kids love but the adults as well. The “Rudi” shortened name for Rudolph is basically prepared of cottage chesse coated with dark chocolate, oh and don’t think about those old sweety thing . These are dairy products and well-known they do good for your health. The Prima Maroni also produce plain chestnut puree. Those are for many the winter’s pleasures. These aren’t available in most of the countries outside of Hungary or rare, but in Hungary you can buy them in almost every store. In brief about the company itself: “The company was founded in 1987 by Mr. György Schweickhardt a confectioner, who started making deep frozen chestnut puree for his confectionery shop at the beginning. His chestnut puree was so good, that soon he started to deliver his product to wholesalers who supply confectionery shops.The good quality chestnut puree raised the attention of Unilever Austria, and the company began to export to Austria in 1996. The retail sale of Maroni began in Hungary in 1997, under “Maroni” brand. In 1998 the “Maroni” chestnut puree won the “Quality Food from Hungary” trademark. Since that time all the new chestnut products, won this trademark, because of the good quality. Due to the professional confectioner background the deep frozen chestnut product range continuously expanded. In 2003 with a new invention the company started to produce chilled and deep frozen chestnut deserts (chestnut stick/heart/ball covered with cocoa mass, filled with sour cherry jam or different creams).The capacity of the factory rapidly expanded, in 1997 the total production of chestnut puree was 200 tons, by 2012 the production increased to 900 tons/year.” Now take that! To-day the company has more than 60 different chestnut products, from deep frozen chestnut products, to chilled desert to products that don’t need cold storage (canned chestnut puree, chestnut flour, roasted chestnut in honey syrup). In 2012 the “Maroni” brand has won the right to use the “Superbrands” title, and won the right to participate on the contest of innovative products in SIAL Paris 2012, with chestnut desserts. In 2010 the company started to process pitted, deep frozen cherry and plums, to balance the seasonality of chestnut products. In 2011 they managed to process 300 tons of sour cherry.

The Strawberry wine from the “Strawberry fields” at the town Tahitótfalú introduced their two wines based on the fruit strawberry. The Strawberryblood, the reductive maturation dry and the sweet in taste, the Strawberryhoney. Even though counting the years in wine years the Epermester winery is pretty young, yet already had reach success outside the boarders of Hungary. This year at the Matyó EXPO 2012 they received the first prize award with their Strawberryblood and the Strawberryhoney wines.
Visiting the 4th Home-Made Flavors Fair you should stop by their stand and see for yourself what a difference in taste the delicious strawberry wines are. Also can pick up a bottle or two , take them, give yourself  a treat at home or have a cool one in your fridge before your friends arrive.

Throughout  last year’s fair there were approximately 17 thousand visitors. The income from the fair supported in many ways the Hungarian farmers.

A little update coming up from the closing date on Sunday,18.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter
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