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Enter into the World of Horseville in Budapest!

“László Papp” Sport Arena

DayZero – Children’s Day –   Friday, November, 30. from 8 a.m – 2.15 p.m., afternoon from 2.45 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

December, 1 – 2. 2012.  – Equestrian World Cup

The opening hours:

Saturday Morning … December,1. –  8 a.m. – 2.40 p.m.

Saturday Afternoon December, 1. – 3 p.m. 10.30 p.m.

Sunday Morning … December 2. –  8 a.m. until 6.20 p.m.


Most probably not saying anything new by saying, the equestrian sport, with its many disciplines is a diverse and global sport.

“Within about a week from now, the “László Papp” Sport Arena will turn into a grand spectacular horse ground” …these words were said as greeting the members to the press call at the Lázár Equestrian Park at Domonyvölgy.

The Show will go on at the Sport Arena on the 1st and 2nd of December, 2012. Within the previous competitors,  the Hungarian owned carriage driving individual champion from Australia Boyd Exell will be on the race-chart. The Dutch trio Ijsbrand Chardon, Koos de Ronde,Theo Timmermann, Henk Van Polt, Jr. Piet Raijmakers,  the Russian Vlagyimir Beletskiy. Count on to have an evening that made your day by holding your breath while seeing Ellen Whitakere and Thomas Whitaker who are said, they both born with sport blood in their veins, as they are members of the famous Whitaker equestrian dynasty. The Hungarian József Dobrovitz will be seen on the grounds on his lid driving.

Expect for  the two days a superb show watching the prominent nations competitors from Germany and the Netherland. Furthermore, several Olympic athlete will come to Budapest to be present at the Horseville, the Equestrian World Cup. The seven-time World Driving Champion, Mr. Vilmos Lázár, President of the Hungarian Association filled us in with some background information to this coming super show by saying: „ This time the event is not only for professional athletes being in the race. The Ride and Drive-in  with the combination of jumping and driving will hit the road. More to highlight the show, the Hungarian athletes and musicians, artists, TV personalities clash to be seen. A colorful Western style  and the crazy horses show, ponies on the gallop will welcome the visitors. Also added some statistical figures: „There will be  between 50-150 solo riders, participating from 17 nations, around 650 ton of special sand, 150 trucks will be bringing the horses, the tools, equipments and the cream on the top of the cake will be almost 100 thousand euros worth prize to be won.  The line up of  the participating countries that already applied are: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brasil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Italy,  Liechteinstein, Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland. Last, but definitely not least without the wide parties support of sponsors, we would not have had  the opportunity to bring a show under the roof , to present the audience the skilled, delicate horses  and their riders at the … Horseville Show … in Budapest.”

The six-time world champion Mr. Zoltan Lázár said: „I have been riding for 22 years and now I think I need six months to recharge myself”  Well that’s a long time and indeed after working hard needs to relax hard! He also announced that next year he’ll come out and  compete again in the nected pairs race. Also he spoke about his secret dream, as to be with his brother standing together as winners of pair next year at the World Championship in Slovakia. So the famous Lázár Brothers won’t be racers on the ground at the László Papp Sport Arena this time, but the name Lázár will not be missing on the list of competitors, because  Zoltán’s son will be rolling along  the race events.

Spectacular showtime will be rolling on the grounds! This year again Lorenzo „The Flying French” will be here in action, for those who have missed his performance of  last year should definitely reserve a seat for themselves.

DayZero –  Friday, November, 30.  from 8 a.m – 2.15 p.m. then after from 2.45 p.m. – 9.30 p.m.

The doors will be wide open for arrival of 14 thousand guests and 2000 of  families with a large number of children, free of charge to view the riding programs at the 4th National Children Riding Day on  DayZero. Thanks to the whole  supporting teams, especially their main supporter  the  OTP Bank who financially supported this event.

During the press call, Mr. Vilmos Lázár expressed his deep thanks in the name of the whole organizing committe for the  major financial support giving by the OTP Bank. As he stated, without the major support from the OTP Bank, they would have not  been able to implement this gathering on their own.

Mr. Vilmos Lázár also talked about the importance to show the children what the horse grounds are about saying:”To have in the future a generation of horse riders who will be on top on the stand and listen to the Hungarian anthem needs to show now the kids what’s it all about and to hopefully bring upon surface the chemistry in wanting them to be on the list of champions.”  So  make it,  watch,  enjoy the juniors and young riders, they might as well be the next generation’s champions.

Two mascots will be rolling along the paths giving you a smile or two at the Sport Arena. You can called them by their names: „Nagy MUKI (Big Josser)  and Kis MUKI (Little Josser), but if your Hungarian needs to be polished, then simply call them, pro: “Mookey”

Indeed, the European World Cup tournaments are internationally famous and  after Berlin, Bordeux, Genf, Hannover, Leipzig, Mechelen, Stockholm, Stuttgart now the time has come for Budapest to give a  home and invite, to visit the grand race ground as to  be at this prestigious competition event.

On the dates of the events the ticket-box are open an hour before the event starts at the “László Papp” Sport Arena

Buying tickets in advance through the Internet: info@ticketa.hu

Wishing a great time to the coming Equestrian World Cup – Budapest 2012.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris on 22/11/2012 at 03:53

    I read with interest of this extravaganza occuring in Budapest..What a spectacle to be enjoyed by all attending….All lovers of the noble beast should be delighted to be able to experience their feats in such surroundings…


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