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Advent Fair … “Bálna” – Whale Center – Budapest – 2015.

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Advent – 2015.

 Entertainment –  Leisure –  Mulled Wine, Food Street Fair, Theater productions,  Concerts,  Ice Rink!

District, IX., 11-12. Fővám Square – Budapest

The spirit of the Season Advent truly begins when for the first time hearing WHAM’s  hit  at the shopping malls … Last Christmas tune. This is also when the Spitzer, the beers time is over for a while, and  instead  the delicious, floating scent all around  the city tempt to catch up with the mulled wine.

Today at the “Bálna” – Whale Center was announced in the  “Esetleg” –  Maybe Restaurant and Bar the imminent programs to be held in the coming three weeks during the Advent  Fair.

There is not a better thing around Xmas time when it gets chilly and need to warm up or just enjoy the flavor, to have carefully a mixture of either red or white wine seasoning hot drink with added cinnamon, cloves and oranges.

In-and-outside the “Bálna” – Whale for the coming three weeks real specialties are to be this year in celebrating the Season of Advent. Be prepared for the bustle and hustle and enjoy as much as you can time out with family, friends at many of the programs they offer.

The sight by the River Danube is already  a specific venue to hang around and the concerts given by well-known Hungarian groups, bands you will not wish to miss, after all they are all free of charge. Already set up a skate rink just  right outside at the  entrance to the Whale Center. Those who wish to skate but has not skating shoes, there is a possibility to rent skates, so for families coming along with their children that’s a perfect treat.

The Whale building can be easily reached as seen  from far ahead, a huge whale formation on the Pest-side, just a few steps from the Liberty-Bridge.

If you have visited the ice rink, prehaps skated, visited the gift pavilions, have your mug of mulled wine  and in the meantime may wish to grab some food, then of course you do not need to leave the venue, because on the spot several previously known and popular Street Food  fine dining catering will be present.

On the opening day, December, 3., the evening’s concert goes off at 8 p.m. with the concert of Ákos Dobrády –  known from the ensemble TNT.

As already mentioned the Whale Advent Fair for the first time is organizing a series of  programs lasting for 3 weeks. Within these programs wish to underline during the Advent days theater production will be on stage by the Karinthy Theater, the “Újszinház”– New Theater  – „Micky and the Santa Claus” – a 40′ theater performance. The “Fészek Szinház” – Nest Theater. The Trampoline Puppet Theater – “Baby Jesus”, nativity scene tale. It will be a „gingerbread” theatrical performance. On  stage the set design will be a huge gingerbread house. The interactive musical tale ends with the tasting  down the gingerbread house . The kids can go up the stage and according to their taste  take part, eating up the model. The only request by Puppet Theater to that families to coming along with their children and bring some gingerbread items so they will be also spread around to all the other kids present aswell.

For the Harley-Davidson  lovers, will be out on display a couple of models  as well.

At the scene ticketspasses will be available to purchase to all a/m indoor theaters as well.

Considering the time of season … departing to the Whale Advent Fair,  nothing else need to keep in mind than to prepare yourselves to dress up nice and warm, scarves, hats, gloves and that’s all folks!

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