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Radics Gigi – Grand Concert Show – Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

District, XIV.,  2.  Stefánia Road – Budapest

Saturday, November, 10. at 7 p.m.

At the concert show for the first time Gigi Radics will entertain the audience with her new and old songs and well-known productions bringing new look with new orchestration.

At the show will be surprise guests, as well as international professional orchestra and dancers adding color to the superb performance. The audience may gain insight into the experiences of Gigi’s presentations collected during her stay in the USA.

The show will be grandiose, unique light technology on the stage, which will melt into magnificently tunes. The grand show will be directed by the famous György Bohm, who has created a number of blockbusters disclosure.

The show designer is János Madarász “MADÁR” who is a producer and a number of Hungarian successful music visuals and light creators.

After sold-out concerts at home and abroad in the recent years, this year coming for the first time an independent large-scale spectacular concert show to entertain the audience by Gigi Radics. Her unique, clear voice, charisma charmed not only have had followed by the domestic and foreign fans, but even the world-famous Quincy Jones as well.

Quote: “Gigi Radics among the world’s five best singers” said Quincy Jones truthfully! Gigi, despite her young age, has gained multiple gold and platinum-selling and a of numerous awards and recognition. In 2018, in the Hungarian X-Factor was the only female mentor!

Radics Gigi at the age of 15 won the highest-quality talent researcher in Hungary.The young singer has become one of the most popular Hungarian female performers. Over the next few years, Gigi’s talents  was awarded by prizes, as well as gold and platinum creations in Hungary. In the summer of 2012 in Los Angeles recorded her first studio album, title “Brand new feeling” and included as well the video album “Daydream”. The “Brand new Feeling”/”Daydream” led overall radio playlist of 10 weeks, which has become a unique success story of the Hungarian radio!

On January, 10, 2013, the professional jury of MTV selected the big hit title: „That Hurts” at the Eurovision national final namely „A Dal” („The Song”) competition to attend at  Malmö – Eurovision. Although she did not represent Hungary in Malmö, but she robbed the attention on international recognition since then. Even before the age of 18, a number of prestigious Hungarian Music Awards – Nominations (Fonogram, Comet, Bravo Otto) been received several times. In 2012 she performed at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival  especially invited by Quincy Jones. In 2013 stepped on stage at the Italian Auditorium di Milano, accompanied by symphonic orchestra at the concert hall.

Reserve your seat before the house is sold out.

Ticket available in advance daily on the spot or through booking on the net:

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First Independent Concert by Gigi Radics in Hungary!

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In the late morning hours the media was invited to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel – Budapest, whereas Gigi Radics and her father with the crew held a press conference regarding to her first independent concert to be held in November, 10. 2018.

After sold-out concerts at home and abroad in recent years, this year is the first time an independent spectacular concert show to come from Gigi Radics at 7 p.m. November, 10. 2018., under the roof of the Sport Arena of Papp László Sport Arena Budapest.  We can not comment about it biased, since specific, clear voice, charisma charmed not only by the domestic and foreign fans, but even the world-famous Quincy Jones as well.

“Gigi  Radics among the world’s five best singers” so it was said by Quincy Jones. Gigi, despite the young age, has earned multiple gold and platinum-selling.  Artist and owner of numerous awards and recognition. In 2018,  she was the only female mentor in the Hungarian X-Factor .

At the superb concert show can enjoy Gigi’s brand-new songs for the first time, and some of her previous well-known melodies. The show will be highlighted by come out in a new dress and new instrumentation. There will be a grand, unique visual and lighting technique on the stage that will be able to mingle and mingle with the spectacle of the concert. The director of the large-scale show will be the György Bőhm, whose name comes with a number of super productions. The show designer of is János Madarász “MADÁR”, who has been working, creating a number of homemade successful musical and visuals productions.

Gigi’s unrivaled, custom-made dresses will suit even the exquisite party atmosphere of the evening, highlighting the star’s beauty, youth and unique style. There will be surprise guests at the concert, as well as a professional band and a Gigi along with the dance class at international level. Even more chorus with color the show. We can also hear stories, an  insight into Gigi’s experience and work in the United States.

The concert tickets are out from to-day. Can be purchased on the spot at the Arena’s ticket office.

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