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Quimby 25 – „What a Country” – Papp László Budapest Sport Arena – 2016


Quimby 25 – „What a Country”

Saturday, November, 26 . 8 p.m.

Have not yet made up your mind where you are going to be at the week-end on November, 26.!?!

Need not have to pull up your eyebrows …  get into the in-crowd … join the Quimby Concert at the Papp László Sport Arena.

Was just 25 years ago that Quimby came up with something very authentic, something very unexpected in music, yet showed captivating the young adults in those days. A new era began with the birth of the alternative band.

The band with their quarter century of experience had become the country’s most popular and professional band. Their performances on stage always sweeps away the audience … and in the couple of days to come it will not be different at their  great jubilee concert at November, 26. 2016 under the roof of the Papp László Sport Arena – Budapest. The tragicomedy concert will be no lack in surprises and the concert’s title will not only remain as a simple title, but for those present will have the time-of-their-life at the “What a Country” concert.

The Quimby members are: Kiss, Varga, Kárpáti, Mikuli  and Balanyi and  Ferenc Gerdesits. The band have had already released fifteen discs. Their  latest studio album was the “Cactus Park”  – 2013.

Tickets prices: 5900HUF – 14900HUF. Available through online and on the spot ticket booth.

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