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King of Illusionist – Harry Houdini Musical – Budapest – 2016.


The musical is based on the movie “Now You See Me”  – sorcerers, contemporary modern and astonishing spectacle revealed for the spectators in the spectacular world.

Saturday, November, 5. 2016.

7.30 p.m.

MOM Sport Event Center – Budapest

District, XII.,  14-16 Csörsz Street

The King of illusionist and escape artist Harry Houdin began as a bootblack and as a paperboy, but he  promised  his father to find the miracle and the ideal has become to be the world’s most successful illusionist.

The musical coming soon with parades casting, with astonishing visuals, will be. The life of Harry Houdini, famous illusionist,  musical premier at the MOM center will be a limited opportunity available. About the musical … A piece of the miracles … the magic is about a young man who began to try his luck with his family after leaving Hungary, and whom perseverance, will and faith helped him to be world star.The spectacular but tragically short career of magician and illusionist Harry Houdini whose tricks defied explanation and safety. The twists and turns and emotional history of music to cross borders with modern spectacle of the musical world captured the imagination of beyond audience becomes an illusionist show with a full experience that young people and adults providing unforgettable entertainment.  Get a chance to go for it and watch the Hungarian actors performance coming soon … it is colorful and exciting.

Just in case you didn’t know it, Harry Houdini 24. March, 1874., and was born ages before the illusionist of to-day. His real name was Weisz Erik (Eric Weisz).

Even over 80 years after his demise the name Houdini is still the standard by which magicians of all kinds are measured. David Copperfield, Rick Blaine, these guys are nothing in terms of popularity that Harry Houdini earned. The tricks he did are still being performed or attempted by magicians who want to make a name for themselves.

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