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The 11th Fall’s Festival of Museums – Hungary

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The annual Fall’s Festival of Museums begins from

September, 26. 2016. until November, 13. 2016.

Throughout the country 1700 programs are offered to the Hungarian and foreigner audience to visit more than 150 museum institutions! These were the opening words on the press gathering at the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

No matter how you count it …  back-or-forth … the Fall’s Festival of  Museums goes on for 7 weeks.

The motto this year is “Build a bridge – Bridge, which connects  it reflects to “The Greatest Hungarian” – Széchenyi Memorial commemorating his work.

Primarily the offered programs are in Hungarian, but foreigners are welcomed as well, where they can get acquainted about, can enjoy the Hungarian experiences. Most of the institutions have descriptions in English portrayals. A bunch of colorful programs … educational museum hours, exhibitions, guided tours, family programs and events for professional educators in the museum in the capital and as well throughout the countryside.

This year, ten different thematic programs are organized said by Herter Krucsainé Anikó – Deputy State Secretary for Cultural Relations and Development on Thursday in Budapest. Last year the Fall’s festival attracted 160 thousand visitors and hopefully this year even more visitors will be enriched with experiences. Last but not least deputy state secretary added, the nearly 100 programs in the frame of Walking, Strolling, Cycling is a major role of the Museums  in introducing its local nature, architectural and cultural values. The hiking or biking tours are jointly organized with the local communities and local governments.

Miklós Cseri – festival organiser – Szentendre Open Air Museum Director, highlighted the programs by saying as for the schools Fall’s break giving mutual experiences tuned to the new theme within students and their families. Speaking about the professional programs he mentioned the date September, 26. 2016 when the National Museum of Education will have its year opening, where the work of the institutions will be appreciated by  Museum Education Awards, as well as handing professionals awards to the outstanding teachers.  On November, 3rd and 4th at the Hungarian National Museum will be held the 8th National Museum – Education Conference. Whereas the unlocked, non spoken 20th century historical traumas of the Hungarian society  will be discussed to assist in the possibilities in change within the museum methods.

The Fall’s Festival of Museums provides valuable programs for families in supporting the domestic tourism, said by Mártonné Kinga Máthé –  director of the Hungarian Tourist Agency. Also added in Hungary there were registered annually 25 million commercial guest nights. Within this figure 50% were of the domestic tourism and 50% by foreigners. A significant part of domestic guest nights beside the summer schools vacation, the winter, spring and fall school holidays are popular in leaving their resident and heading to spend their time at other venues. The director emphasized that the agency this year will be discounting accommodation in 80 rural location, so that the visitors may see where they wish to go within the discount price and at the same time visit the local museum and other institutions. See at the published on the website of the festival.

The festival’s public media sponsor is the M5 TV, which recently launched as a Hungarian cultural and educational channel. Frequently, will broadcast series of “Weekend Admission” and transmit special entertainment programs for kids during the coming up festival, said Ágnes Dér – director  M5 TV channel.

At the press and media gathering was introduced EVENT @ HAND MÖF application, a guide to the Fall Festival of Museums. Here the events and venues can be downloaded with the free mobile application available on smart phones. Choose from the programs whatever the mood you are in. It works even offline as well. Download the application and bring your mobile with yourself to never miss a program.

Q.: So what is in need for the visitors whether Hungarians or foreigners to feel good in Hungary?

A.: Three things certainly do … gastronomic, accommodation and great programs … Well it’s up to you … where, what, when and go for it!

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