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Fall’s Festival of Museums … They do not disappear … Holocaust Memorial Center – Budapest – 2016.


Interactive museum educational program of explorers, scientists, magicians.

In the frame of the series of the Fall’s Festival of Museums the Holocaust Memorial Center invites to explorers, scientists, magicians to a temporary exhibition opening ceremony on  Wednesday, October, 12. at 5.30 p.m. –  district, IX., 39. Páva Street – Budapest. The exhibition points back to the Hungarian Jewish inventors, scientists and magicians who significantly contributed to the development int he scientific field. The exhibition, including determining the presence of Gedeon Richter pharmaceutical role, Leo Szilárd and Edward Teller and many other famous physics scientist’s inventions. Have a chance to inspect the world of arts by Robert Capa photo artist and the secret world of Harry Houdini – explore the great secrets how he was released in chains or prison. The exhibition is linked to an interactive guided tours as well. Many famous scientists, including Leo Szilárd, Edward Teller, David Swartz, John von Neumann and George de Hevesy life and work of significance. The exhibition comes to life … atom modeling, dissolved gold, bikes flow and the era of the beginning in testing the color television, just to mention a couple of attractions. Rodolfo, the famous sleight of hand can fall from the shroud. The exhibition is not only for students and/or adult groups but as well for anybody who is interested in the past centuries greatest inventions and behind their superb individuals.

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