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Celebrating the Culture Day in Hungary 2017.

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Hundreds of events are held  during the 4-days at several parts of the country.

On the occasion of the annual Culture Day in Hungary at one of the most sophisticated building in the Capital, at the Vigadó – Hungarian Academy of Arts headquarters was held the ceremony, whereas Prof. György Fekete – President – the Human Resources Department of the Hungarian Academy of Arts  and Dr. Péter Hoppál, Secretary of State for Culture and  Károly Mécs – the Nation Artists  held the celebratory on the occasion of Day of Hungarian Culture.

After the presentations Péter Hoppál and Magdolna Závogyán – Deputy Secretary of State handed over the Csokonai Michael Vitez and Sándor Márai awards related to Hungarian culture and education solemnly handed over on this day. Among the distinguished guest were directors oat institutions, representatives of libraries, culture center from different parts of Hungary. They received in recognition the certificate of merit to their whole year’s activities in keeping the light on the Hungary Culture Traditions.

January, 22 is the anniversary date of the birth of the Hungarian National Anthem – „Szózat”, written in 1823 by famous poet Ferenc Kölcsey who finished the manuscript of the anthem on this day at Cseke.

At the City of Gyula is located the Anthem – “Szozat” ...  the only saved original manuscript.

The Hungarian cultural and art institutes around the world are also preparing special events to commemorate the day and to pay more attention to Hungarian millennial traditions, also to the roots and strengthening of national identity.

On January, 22., hundreds of events are held throughout the 4-days in several parts of the country since 1989.

Also at numerous worldwide cities, for example it is also 4-days annual Celebrating the cultural festival at the Temple Bar in Dublin. The Hungarian – Australians gather in Sydney to also within a festival  celebrate the Hungarian cultural which brings together hundreds of members of the Hungarian community from across Australia.

It is also a 4-days event and over these days, the community holds exploring aspects of Hungarian history, language, lectures of famous figures e.g.  László József Bíró, inventor of the “Biró” pen. Furthermore, showing how the culture tradition is kept thousands of kilometers Downunder, is a good example of the 31-year-old man from Békéscsaba who teach the village folk dances from the age of five.

Above these values are important to invoke to the next generation and indeed shows that across the country is experienced the number of more and more people to have had enrolled back to the libraries and also increased the visitors at the museums.

Writer’s Note … Some says that the „The Hungarian folk dance is better than the gym.” …  It is alike the pudding test … you have to give it a try!

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