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Balaton Sound’s “Safety First” 2022



Balaton Sound’s Safety First Campaign shortly on its way. It is a volunteer program to encourage a conscious and safe festival which kicked off in 2018.

Due to its previous success, it will continue as a permanent service during the festival.
The program’s goal is to minimize health, safety, and technical issues at the festival through preliminary communication campaigns, video tutorials, on-site presence advice by recognized professionals and through the Sound Watch assistance function which will be available during the Balaton Sound Festival.

Balaton Sound’s Safety First program won The Health and Safety Innovation Award at the European Festival Awards (EFA) in 2020.

The program had grown to become international. Last year working with a team of Hungarian volunteers and international young adults took part in the program from France, Belgium and Germany with other countries.

This year as well the organizers said are expecting medical, national defense and psychology students and all young people who are receptive to the topic, both from Hungary and abroad.

Update Aggie Reiter

The 47th “Blue Ribbon” race start off – Thursday, July, 2. 2015. – 9 a.m. – Balatonfüred – Lake Balaton – Hungary

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The KÉKSZALAG – „Blue Ribbon” sailing boat competition is a challenge that resemble to the New York Marathon runner race … whereas professionals and amateurs on the same track, are competing together, but at the finish line for all stands the victory for their extraordinary athletic performance.

The utmost sailing event on the Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Europe will hold for the 47th  KÉKSZALAG –„Blue Ribbon” Árkád Grand Prix competition. The sailing distance 155 kilometers stands for 48 hours. Around six hundred ships will be taking part in the fleet. The tournament will start with a traditional unibody vessels and two or three-body high-tech sailboats, professional teams, groups of family sailors and enthusiastic yachtsmen and women. The lake will test all the sailors and their performance in participating at the KÉKSZALAG – “Blue Ribbon” GP in itself is an awesome and huge achievement.

The KÉKSZALAG – „Blue Ribbon” Hungary’s largest sailing competition built on tradition and technology in harmony said at the morning’s opening press gathering by organizer of the event dr. Lajos Kollár – President of the Hungarian Sailing Association. Who added … since 1934 the tradition is kept alive and  held always on the week closest to the full moon in July.  The boats of the 21st century are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, sometimes representing up to thirty knots of speed with around 60 kilometers/H capable of sailing.

Also was announced that sailors from Sweden and Austria will be arriving to participate at the Blue Ribbon GP race. So a kinda international “fleet” will also sail on the Hungarian Sea!

Here comes the varies events to the forthcoming sailing boats race … On Saturday, June, 27. before the race weekend will take place the “warm-up” sailing to the Blue Ribbon with the FEHÉRSZALAG – “White Ribbon” Regatta competition. Teams may set their boats to assess their speed. This White Ribbon is a separate sailing race on the lake to be as the most prestigious classic race.  The boat Nemere II., sailed 50-time around the lake winning time record. The more than a hundred-year-old boat the “Kishamis”-  “Little False” participated in several races and the Tramontana won the most awards at the previous KÉKSZALAG – “Blue Ribbon” competitions.

In connection to the Blue Ribbon, the youth competition within the White Ribbon … the KÉK PÁNTLIKA – Blue Strap” sailing will follow,  held on Wednesday, July, 1. At the Blue Strap the future of the Hungarian sailing adolescents and youth aged athletes start the race between Balatonfüred and Tihany. At the same time, at the eastern part of the lake will be held the 2 KÉK PÁNTLIKA – „2 Strap Race” for those on two-hulled vessels (catamarans), which are not allowed to compete because of their size in the Blue Ribbon race.

After the day’s competition another superb event will take place on Friday, June, 3. the “Night Sailing” competition. The prominent sailorman of Hungary will compete a few meters away from the spectators having mounted reflectors illuminated slopes to follow and admire them from the Lake’s Tagore boardwalk.

In addition to the KÉKSZALAG – “Blue Ribbon” sailors competition several coastal sailing programs offers locals and foreigners to visit Balatonfüred. During the period to the competition the local museums will be open until 10 p.m. in connection to the “Night of Museums” event and those visitors who will go dressed in color blue outfits will receive a small gift. During the competition an “International guitar festival” will be held in the city. To ease the thirst locals and  tourists may give it a try to taste the VinCE wines also arranged parallel at the “Balaton wine festival”, where also free concerts will take place.. After the awards ceremony,  Saturday night shoots off with a huge street party.

The results announcement ceremony handing over the three trophy award cups will take place at 6 p.m. on the Gyógy Square – Balatonfüred Saturday, July, 4. 2015. 

The  trophy award cups were offered as a supporter to the BEST KÉKSZALAG – “Blue Ribbon” sailors  by the porcelain factory at Herend. The first prize award is worth 500000HUF

The KÉKSZALAG – “Blue Ribbon”  charity supported foundations: Hospice Foundation – Lárifári Foundation – Breast Cancer Association.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter