Balaton Sound’s “Safety First” 2022



Balaton Sound’s Safety First Campaign shortly on its way. It is a volunteer program to encourage a conscious and safe festival which kicked off in 2018.

Due to its previous success, it will continue as a permanent service during the festival.
The program’s goal is to minimize health, safety, and technical issues at the festival through preliminary communication campaigns, video tutorials, on-site presence advice by recognized professionals and through the Sound Watch assistance function which will be available during the Balaton Sound Festival.

Balaton Sound’s Safety First program won The Health and Safety Innovation Award at the European Festival Awards (EFA) in 2020.

The program had grown to become international. Last year working with a team of Hungarian volunteers and international young adults took part in the program from France, Belgium and Germany with other countries.

This year as well the organizers said are expecting medical, national defense and psychology students and all young people who are receptive to the topic, both from Hungary and abroad.

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  1. Posted by Chris on 26/06/2022 at 10:43

    Excellent idea, can only be a good thing for everybody, no downside….

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