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Herald News … Zsolnay “Light Painters” – Light Art Competition at the City of Pécs – 2023.


Last year, with the exception of Africa and Antarctica, entries came from all continents to Pécs. For this year’s round of the now world-famous competition individuals can apply from February,24. As in the previous years, the best light painters are to be at the Zsolnay Light Festival presenting dressing the facade of the Cathedral in bright robes.

The Zsolnay Light Festival between July 6-9. awaits lovers of light experiences at Pécs.

During the 3 Days festival the monumental facade of the Cathedral is brought to life by the world’s best lighting artists with three-dimensional, moving light works. The theme of this year’s competition is coexistence. Coexistence is a system in which completely different elements exist in the same space and time … “to live and let live” … Acceptance and understanding are important elements in interactions based on the logic of “leave”. All of this leads to various interactions and finally a complex, long-term sustainable system results in these phenomenon can basically be seen in action in all areas of life, be it individuals or relations between social groups, culture, the built and natural about our environment, or even about machines and neural networks.

The deadline date April 3, 2023 for submission of applications. Thereafter, goes the pre-selection. The 5 best who reached the final work can be presented at the festival. The curatorial staff of Zsolnay Light Art considers the public art nature of building mapping to be important in strengthening, the conscious application of its potential. During the evaluation of the tenders a in addition to visuality, the artistically demanding, cliché-free, original plays a particularly important role display of content to be said. The competition takes place in one category, and the jury is again this year overseen by a five-member of international professional committee away. In addition to the main prize of 5,000 euros awarded by the jury, there will also be an audience prize this year. Zsolnay Light Art professional partner and host of the competition is to be Kiégő Izzók.

In addition to the call for Zsolnay Light Art, another tender is also in the active stage, namely Fény(Light). The organizers are also waiting for applications for the creations of this journey. The city center is surrounded by various applications for the realization of light works and installations are expected until March 10.

Photo: 13-theater square – Pécs by kovacs-monika

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