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Mexican painter Frida Kahlo – Exhibition – Museum of Fine Arts 2018

July – 2018

The Hungarian National Gallery (MNG) and the Museum of Fine Arts,the latter institution will reopen after three years of renovations this year in October.  Around the month of October  showcasing the influential era’s of  the British paintings Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and the School of LondonDezső Korniss

.The Gallery will also host an exhibition of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, the first of its kind in Hungary, mainly based on the collection of Museo Dolores Olmedo in Mexico City. The exhibition will open on the 111th anniversary of the painter’s birth, in July of this year.

Further plans include a major exhibition of the works of Rubens, Van Dyck and masters of the Flemish baroque  late  next year.  In 2020 there are plans to exhibit Cézanne (2012).

Later this year, MNG will continue to display the works of Hungarian masters as well to honor the 110th anniversary of the birth of Dezső Korniss. The Gallery will organize an exhibition on the art of the 20th century Hungarian painter in December.

The renewed Roman Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts will be open to the public from March, 15. until April, 2. free of charge, every day from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (last admission:5 p.m.).
Entry is on ʺfirst come, first served” basis. Will not arrange reservations or bookings (not even for groups).  Due to the limited capacity of the museum hall, the number of visitors is limited, therefore occasionally waiting outside the building can be expected.​ There will not be provided any tour guides.

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Was a superb day for Family to gather and long non seen friends to meet. The small and young children had their “wonderday at wonderland” with playground and stages where they could throw pillows at each other and enjoying the flying red color feathers, which probably was their  joyful and the best day of the year.  The kids had different art tables,  making their own little jewelry and art designs. Sweets for sweet lovers and booze were just within the distance of their fingertips. The street was so crowed that even if you had a small size foot you could hardly find the place to land it. The weather was just perfect, a non sweating one. Short rain did not disturb the awesome performances. Luckily, the rain as it burst, in flew away shortly.


On the road of Pozsonyi, the Museum of Applied Arts participated and also drawn attention to the museum’s  special exhibition, history of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world’s leading museum of art and design, by giving an overview of the objects of the Victorian age and of the earliest pieces in the museum. This unique exhibition can only be seen until September the 16th so there is still 2 weeks ahead if it would not wished to be missed. Another interesting exhibition can be seen until the end of September: Art Deco and the Modernism, which covers the interior design in Hungary from 1920 up to 194.



Restaurant, Theater, Gallery, Appartement, which simple means you can have your brekky in the morning,  relax  as the sun goes down by having a seat at the theater and just head for your rest at night afterwards in the appartement.

The House of Spinoza also participated at the Budapest’s Pozsonyi Picnic Day. Brought leaflets to the scene to introduce the month of September’s cultural programs.

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September, 5-22. 2012.

10th Spinoza Jewish Festival.

Manly, the performances are in Hungarian language, but there are also musicals that really does not need any Hungarian language knowledge to be understood, just as the „Psalms of David”Thursday, 7 p.m. September, 6. – at the  „Uránia” Cinema. together with the SabbathSong Klezmer Band.

To-day in the early afternoon hours a shorty performance was given by  Mr. Zoltán Nauman, as an appetizer to be seen of the musical melodrama ”Jentl”. The performance  was welcomed and enjoyed  by the huge audience at the Spinoza stand. Ms. Barbara Streisand played the original role  and sang those remarkable songs. Here in Budapest Ms. Judit Klein will bring “Jentl” alive on the stage at the House of Spinoza – Thursday, 7 p.m., September, 6.

“Klezmer Concert” on the occasion of Rosh Hashana – Friday, 7 p.m. , September 7.

“At the end of the World, turn left” israeli film, with Hungarian subtitles, Saturday, 3 p.m., September 8. The film will be shown at the “Uránia” Cinema.

“Dávid Klezmer Quintet and Ms. Judit Klein” – Friday, 7 p.m., September 14.  Ensemble mixes traditional Jewish music, all with the mixture of  sence of humor.

“Frida” – Saturday, 7 p.m., September 15. – musical play of the tragical life of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter, with Hungarian-Jewish-Spanish-Indian roots.

“Kohncerto” – New Year concert by a female amateur choir. Beside the evergreens, Jewish-Yiddish songs will be presented, Sunday, 3 p.m. , September 16.

“Gershwin Show” – Thursday, 7 p.m., September, 20. Biographic show,  hundred of film fragments.

The theater at the House of Spinoza is 70 seated, therefore it is worthwhile to make reservations, but the best way to ensure your seat, is to purchase your ticket as soon as possible, cause they will run out soon. The Spinoza House can be approach at the old Jewish quarter, with just a couple of steps to have a tour to the three neighborhood synagogues.

District VII. –  15, Dob Str. Budapest

For theater lovers, call for tickets and reservation:

phone: +36 1 413 7488

Late afternoon, the awaited performance given by the actors and actresses from the “Víg” Theater stepped on stage with “The Fiddle on the Roof”, known by almost everybody being at the scene. Here is a shorty video of the performance:

The Radnóti theater artists, musical and opera singers ensured the audience of the rolling good times. 

A great act was to greet with 100 balloons, underneath the balcony of  the 100 years old Mrs. Radnóti, at the Pozsonyi Rd. She didn’t step out, but her window and door was open and most probably heard  the greeting words said by Mr. András Bálint, Director of the Radnóti Theater. Mrs. Radnóti lives for decades in the same flat and she is  the widow of  Mr. Miklós Radnóti (1909-1944), a Hungarian Jew and a fierce anti-fascist, the greatest Hungarian poet of the Holocaust. His poetry mingles avant-garde and expressionist themes with a new classical style.

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