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Western Classics on Cinema in Memory of Ennio Morricone @ Budapest

Images Engraved in the memory of many…

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The sad news has come in recent days that has shaken both the film industry and cinema fans: the late Oscar-, Grammy- and Golden Globe-winning Italian composer Ennio Morricone, the best-known and most influential figure in the history of film music.

In honor of Ennio Morricone, the Former Once Upon a Time in the Wild Westwill be shown at the Polus Cinema, featuring “Good, The Bad and The Ugly” for two weeks from July 16. The western classics, with a digitally restored image and remixed sound, will be subtitled screenbed @ Corvin Cinema.

During Morricone’s career, he composed music for more than half a thousand films, including countless cult works. The best known of these are his music for western films, including For a Handful of Dollars (1964), A Few Dollars for More (1965), The Evergreen, The Bad and the Ugly (1966), The Ever-Green Melodies of the Once Upon a Wild West (1968). Sergio Leone‘s western classics with the unforgettable soundtrack of Morricone and the brilliant playing of Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Claudia Cardinale, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, the beautifully photographed extra-widescreen visuals and the long atmosphere for generations of movie fans, it embodies the uppercase cinema experience.

“Its the only scene I can’t imagine ever being able to soar beyond,” Quentin Tarantino said of the finale of Good, Bad and Ugly. In addition to the main drive before the master of film music, it is no secret that today’s film fans can see the evergreen works of cinema history where their creators originally intended them: on the cinema screen.

In the “Classic” film club of the Polus Cinema, more films will be returning to the big screen for one night in the next few days, including The Thing (1982) from John Carpenter, whose creepy music is also named Morricone. James Cameron’s 1991 classic, Terminator 2 – Day of Judgment, The Apocalypse Now – The Final Cut (1979) and The Godfather 2 (1974) by Francis Ford Coppola, and Robert Zemeckis ’cult trilogy, Back to the Future 2. ( 1989) and 3 (1990).

There are roughly 4 parts of the films … Acting … Writing … Music … Cinematography. The movies tick all the 4 boxes.

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Herald News … „MILLION DOLLAR BABY” – Gödöllő Theater – Box and Dance on stage!

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Worldwide premier  performance in Hungary!

 Box an art of work … Dance an art of performance!

 Dance House of Art Theater – Gödöllő – Hungary!

On: May, 9. 2015. – 7 p.m.

At 6. Szabadság (Freedom) Road  – Gödöllő

The boxers need perseverance and toughness just like as the dancers do.

On April 10, attended at a press gathering  called by the representatives of the Dance Theater – Gödöllő at the Gilda Max gym center in Budapest.

After awesome drama „MILLION DOLLAR BABY” produced by Clint Eastwood turns to Hungary by presenting with identical title but  on stage performance.  This praenomen story will be played without a single word just shown through dancing performance.

The 2004 American sports drama film directed by Clint Eastwood will  have its World Premiere in Hungary coming in for the first time in Dance performance by acclaimed artist and athlete to contribute in the production. Here in Hungary the film is transformed into a performance of a unique Dance Theater production. The dance theater processed the short story of the Million Dollar Baby written by FX Toole.  The dance production is brought on stage from an other point of view than is shown through the film.  Basically, this mind-blowing hard story about finding a way out to reach success is the struggle in fighting, amazing willpower, purposeful will power, raw talent, generating pains from the past, hope of connectivity in Human and family connection. It also tells the story of the boxer becoming to achieve her dream to be a professional in boxing. The road is rough and bumpy leading in deserving success, but the real fight for the title more spirit and courage will be needed than anything so far. Tamás Ardai – theater director of the Million Dollar Baby told the press members, that the audience coming to see the production can expect, seeing a very interesting and unusual performances. He added, it was a very exciting working together with the team because an excellent film shotted seen on the big screen had many options to bring the drama so perfectly alive but within adapting it on a theater stage it surely will target the drama. The physical fight and what is playing in the fighter’s mind and soul will be showing in time and space. Basic concept was to bring alive in one ring  two point of struggles … one displaying the actually fight, the other couple playing side-by-side of the boxing girl’s struggling soul. The audience can watch the 2in1 acts at the same time.

Members Starring: Sándor Turi Harangozó – winning dancer, Zoltán Szabó – Zero Ballet,  Zsófia Safranka-Peti – student Hungarian Dance Academy – Dance Teacher at the Training Institute. Co-staring – fighting personals: Mónika Zana and Viktória Miló – Gilda Max.

Choreography: Gabriella Kézér and Gyöngyvér Vajda – artistic director at Godollo Dance Theater.

Music: Tamás Mihály – music editor, composer, member of the Omega Band, Kossuth and  Franz Liszt winning composer.

Tamás Ardai – director, film director, cinematographer, dramaturgic, has won seven times Telly Awards Prize in the United States. Also previously co-worked together with former Miklós Jancsó.

Closing the press conference we were shown a portion from the performance, which was danced by  Zoltán Szabó – Zero Ballet and  Zsofia Peti- Safranka and  Sándor Turi – Harangozó-winning dancer.

This will be a one-time performance, so for those who have interest to be and see this unique show must hurry up in purchasing their ticket…

Update writer’s dream to not to become a boxer, but if Mr. Clint Eastwood or if time is not appropriate for him, then a member from his management would come and see this amazing show. Would be a world sensation as well.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter