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Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda – Roberto Casero Spanish conductor – Academy of Music

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The first show of the seasonal concert series of the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda begins on January, 17. 2019., at the Academy of Music – Budapest.

On the Program:
Takemitsu: Visions
Mendelssohn: E-minor Violin Concerto
Sibelius: Sea Nymphs
Debussy: The Sea
Featuring Pusher Júlia – violin
Conducted by Ricardo Casero

These were the first words at the press gathering by Máté Hámori – artist, after a short rehearsal of Mendelssohn: E-minor Violin Concerto by the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda. Also present: Péter Ács, Managing Director, Máté Hámori Artist, Balázs Bús, Mayor of Óbuda-Békásmegyer, Ricardo Casero, Conductor . Was introduced and welcomed Ricardo Casero the musican and artistic director of the Spanish Royal Orchestra of Oragon (Orquesta Reino de Aragón).  In the beginning he was the first trumpet player and at that time he met the Hungarian colleague. He later chose a conductor career. He works with soloists such as Maxim Vengerov, Sarah Chang, and Natalia Gutma. His career as a conductor began after playing as a musician at the Palace of Arts (Palau de les Arts) in Valencia, Spain.
It took quite a while until to-day Casero was able to come to Budapest. As the saying says … “God’s mill grinds slowly”… It took a while to succeed in bringing together Ricardo Casero come to Budapest by the major support from the Spanish Embassy in Hungary. Meeting,for the first time with the Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda …As he said Q.: “It took only 2 minutes to feel the good chemistry… good feeling … just like the first sight of love”. The conductor is a real travelling man, been to Madrid, Italy, Barcelona, USA, Valencia and now for the first time in Budapest and pleased to be here, cause Budapest is one of the top cities in Classis Music.

The audience, for the first time see/hear Roberto Casero’s Spanish conductor, who will conduct the lesser-known works of Sibelius and Takemitsu alongside Mendelssohn’s popular violin concert. The soloist of the Mendelssohn work is a returning guest at the band: Julius Pusker was introduced to the Danubia Orchestra by Bartók’s early violin concert a few years ago

Julia Pusker started playing violin at the age of 5. From 2005 he was a preparatory member of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music – Budapest and from 2011 he was a student of the Royal Academy of Music in London.

The Danubia Orchestra of Óbuda continues to build a unique repertoire featuring many 20th-century and contemporary works in 2019. There are also authors and works of art whose popularity is rising all over the world, but for some reason they have been pushed into the background.
For instance, it presents Toru Takemitsu – Japan’s top rated music creator, Thomas Ades – a young British genius or Gubaydulina Sofia – the Russian esoteric visionary masterpieces co-Spring Music Academy series.

The orchestra’s mission is to bring as many kinds of excellent music as possible to the heart of the Hungarian audience. The mission remains a key element of the youth project, with dozens of concerts in the gyms of Danubia’s elementary school’s – Budapest, as well as a series of family mats in BMC, which introduces the world of classical music into innovative mini-concerts for the whole family.
Ticket on the spot at the ticket office, but better hurry-up to get your seat and enjoy at the Academy of Music your evening.

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The 4th Family Friendly Company – Gala Evening and Awards – 2016

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The final countdown to the 4th Family Friendly Companies Competion 2016.

The three Prince, three Princess Movement!

The Gala event took place at BMC ( Budapest Music Center) were overall 200 representatives of the movement, the distinguish guest, and calls to special guests were present to hear/see of this year’s most family friendly work places in Hungary. The event was opened by Prof. Dr. Bagdy Emőke, psychology Ph.D., professor emeritus.

Main point to this competition is to serve an example of those family friendly companies and to spread the news around Hungary. Within the birth of a child, at each family the first 1000 days are the most in question, how to manage the work-life balance. In terms of having children play a decisive role in a family friendly workplace. Recognising this, the “Three Prince, Three Princess Movement” was established in 2013. Thereafter founded the Family Friendly Company Award, which rewarded the companies in supporting the balance in work-life and also to support a mother to have her choice to  a desired child.

The prize is awarded to those companies which the profession the jury exams and consider to be highly important class supporting employees with their workers already having small children and the ones planning in having children. An important contribution of family friendly operation is in keeping balanced the family and work environment, and future goals.

The prize aims to draw attention and to introduce the positive examples and of course to introduce more widely disseminate family friendly approach.  The awards were handed over in three categories: large, medium and small family friendly companies. The  top three winners were: BT Roc Ltd.  – Large Company category, Numil (Nutricia) Hungary Ltd – Medium Company Category and  Webstar Group Ltd  – Small Business Category.

In addition to the ceremony beside the category winners, based on the jury proposal to the new ideas and individual solutions were evaluated with special diploma.

Update and snaps: Aggie Reiter