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Reopening – Reconstructed Central Theater – Budapest 2016.

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This morning was opened the renewed foreground of the Central Theater on the Révay Street in Budapest.  The totally reconstructed, modern lobby was introduced to the invited guest. István Tarlós – Mayor of Budapest at the opening event said that nearly 50 years, there was no major reconstruction of the building, so the time has come for restructuring this fine community center, where non-less-known fabulous actors left their names and footsteps.

The Central Theater significantly contributes to the success of theater life in Budapest and now is prominent on the European level.

The current renovation met to-day’s expectations with the renewed community space.  The theater’s troupe by their own power, without the support of the capital has achieved its mission, emphasized the Mayor. The major went back-in-time by recalling the early days function of the building, which was an entertainment platform for over 120 years. Within the institution’s walls functioned as a club in 1918 and since 2008 has been ongoing as the Central Theater. The mayor has promised to soon complete the currently maintained privatization of the theater, as to be initiative accomplished within Tamás Puskás plan. The theater director recalled, that there was still entertainment shows within the walls for almost 120-year-old in the institution. Also as a club initially worked in 1918  and until 2008 was known as  the Central Theater that significantly contributes to the success of theater life in Budapest, which is now prominent on the European level. The mayor has promised to soon complete the capital currently maintained by the privatization of the theater, and as Tamás Puskás added he believes to be successful is to be able to achieve the plans.

Tamás Puskás – theater director recalled that in 2003 when they moved into this building, till then operating as an Amusement Stage, the troupe immediately began in rebuilding it. The theater was absolutely wornout. The audience sooner or later  slowly left  its venue. To-day we can say that we are in this building as landlords and hopefully we will be the tenants in the audience hearts who are loving to go to the theater. Also adding that the renovation, in which the changing rooms next to the foyer and organizational housed part of the building was renovated as well.

During the official opening attended the representatives of Central Theater  artists and supporters, as Juli Básti, András Kern, Mari Törőcsik, Peter Haumann, Antal Cerna,  Attila Magyar, Zoltán Schmied and Iván Verebély aged 78 who plays in two pieces as well. Törőcsik, the 80-year-old actress stressed that this theater is particularly important as it bounds to the names of Tamás Puskás and Juli Básti, adding … Q.: “Juli for me recalls as the great actresses and she is one of those as a great actress!” Puskás has created a marvelous theater, which cultivates a high level of entertainment and this is what has always been expected of good theaters.

Reminder … the performances are in Hungarian language.

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