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National Wine Marathon starting on May, 23. 2015. – Hungary

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Want to be in charge for yourself in running … Beat it at the National Wine Marathon – Hungary!

Enter to one of the biggest social experience to promise all sports and the wine lovers!

Hungary is known as to be the Nation of Equestrian … and as a reminder Hungary is the only country in Europe which stands also within incredibly rich in Hot Mineral Baths, so Nation of Spas … another reason not letting go, keeping this information mind … now to prove it is also a Nation of Wines!

National Wine Marathon starting on May, 23. 2015, for 11 days covering settlements of the 22 wine regions of Hungary.

An interim press conference regarding to this coming up grandiose event was held at the Buda-side of Budapest at the Little Judge  (KisBiró) Restaurant,  opened by Dezső Dobor – press chief and program director Attila Balla who reported on the progress achieved, and presented the key locations of  the 11 days run and introduced the new member sponsors. Also representing the National Wine Marathon were present: Kristian Kielmaye, Gábor Barátossy, Dr. Zsombor Sümeg, Balázs Győrffy, László Dobák, Ágnes Herczeg, Imre Dlusztus.  Dezső Dobor – press chief also announced President dr. János Áder agreed to patronage the event, and the Defence Minister dr. Csaba Hende to be also as patron, who will  personally join the National Wine Marathon.

The National Wine Marathon is extremely rich, and the distance  to run is more than plenty. As said within the 11 days,  total of 2573 km … 264Hs … 7 marathon … 6 half marathon. Passing through Hungary as one continuous area in  Vineland  will be over the length of 100 villages.)

There is no certain age limit, but have to keep in mind the delicious bottle of wine will only be handled over to participants above the age of 18. Entrants under 18 years will receive mineral water, fruit juice. Here is a bunch of the names of those official locations  to count on … count in “Stand On Your Marks! Get Set! Go!” 

Abaújszántó, Ásotthalom, Budapest-Campona, Balatongyörök, Badacsonytomaj, Balatonfüred, Balatonboglár, Balaton-felvidék, Balatonföldvár, Balatonkeresztúr, Borota, Bokod, Baja, Bátaszék, Bonyád, Bükkaranyos, Dunaszekcső, Edelény,  Hajós, Villány, Pécs, Siklós, Szekszárd, Hőgyész, Győk, Paks, Cece, Simontornya, Enying, Siófok, Kőröshegy, Fertőd,  Fertőrákos , Fonyód, Jászkisér,  Jászberény, Nagykanizsa, Letenye, Lenti, Páka, Söjtör, Keszthely, Hévíz, Révfülöp, Lovas, Szentantalfa,  Sárvár,  Szeged, Sümeg, Kőszeg, Kisköre, Kiskunhalas, Szolnok, Sóshalom, Szombathely, Csorna, Kisbér, Pannonhalma, Győrújbarát, Tat,  Tiszakürt, Zsámbék, Dunaalmás, Lábatlan, Biatorbágy, Kunszentmiklós, Mórahalom, Dömsöd, Imrehegy, Kiskörös, Sárospatak, Jánoshalma, Solt,  Pilis, Poroszló, Pusztamérges, Kecskemét, Cegléd,  Monor, Mezőkövesd, Onga,Kóka, Hatvan, Gyöngyös, Tapolca,  Tápiószentmárton, Tornyiszentmiklós, Újszász,  Ináncs, Mád, Tokaj, Zalaegerszeg,  Zalaszentgrót, Zalakaros.

To run any marathon for the first time would rank as a great life experience. The distance from one village to the other reassured in the length of distance, the different routes will show some of the world’s most famous vineyards on the way and will make this adventure special for those running as a „wine nut”. Also at these events will gather the leading personalities of region’s wine-makers who will offer their best products to the runners and visitors. Definitely, an experience to learn about the great wines of Hungary. Also not just for runners, the visitors and guests can enjoy folklore parade as they try tasting various wine brands and enjoying their time around with local music and much fun the villages will offer. A fine time in meeting local folks in and on the way will most probably build new connection.

Each registrants will receive an application package from the National Wine Marathon organizers with the following content: 1pc running uniform, 1pc National Wine Marathon partner card, 1pc National Wine Marathon medal finish, 1pc RFID, wristband timer or timer chip, 1 bottle of wine from the specific wine region, affecting the actual running distance, also other sponsorship offerings such as credit coupons.

At the wine-making scene  will gather the leading personalities of regional who will offer their best products to visitors. The runners and guests can witness a folklore parade, whilst giving a try in tasting various wine brands and enjoying their time around with music and much fun.

Probably there will be coming around with many Qs. To try to find the good answers, rather than to have a general tips, need to drop over to the use link at the organizers website to learn more about running the Nation Wine Marathon. In the meantime only Hungarian website exist, but said it will have an English language site to click to. Foreigners working, staying in Hungary will need a little help from a (Hungarian) friend. to follow the followings.

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May, 21., at 8 p.m.  Tristan and Isolde arrived with guest appearance actors of the Mini Theater Ljubljana to present a joint performance with the Budapest Maladype  Theater.  The  play took place at the University of Theater and Film Art’s Odry Stage  in Budapest … (The Odry Stage is the university’s own theater for actor and theater director training workshop for students. Also, the general public  may visit  to see the  first professional acting that takes place).

It was somewhere around an hour in time of the play and surely switched the minds of the audience into another world, by the young talented Slovenian actors bringing on stage their awesome presentation of Tristan and Isolde. The story went on with minimal tools, focusing on man and woman, examining the delicate balance of relationships, hovering between onwards and upwards, dream and reality, life and death and a bunch of surprise and impression printed in their acting by director Zoltán Balázs.

The performance was in English language as previously said in the herald news, and for the non-English speaking audience it play was subtitled in Hungarian language. This was the first occasion to bring a foreigner play to Budapest between the co-operation of the Mini Theater Ljubljana and the Budapest Maladype Theater.

The Tristan and Isolda was a superb play even though the actors did not have had to blast into the others words. Mainly relayed on the non-verbal motions and it seemed as the play was mainly based on their improvisations.

Worthwhile to mention the names of young Slovenian actors superb performances who last year graduated at the theater Academy in Ljubljana and seemed to be a very well-knit company casting: Vesna Kuzmic, Ana Urbanc, Jernej Čampelj, Robert Korošec, Rok Kunaver, Tadej Piše, Marko Ujc.

The Tristan and Isolda production in 2012 was selected to be in the competition at the 47th Maribor Borštnik Festival.

Knowing the original story of Tristan and Isolda, it was really something to see this piece a performance from another ankle, a completely different presentation and more to it, it communicated well and in a way provoked the viewer’s attention which was the concept and the director’s Mr. Zoltán Balázs goal within this performance. The dramaturgy was Judit Góczán, set design and costumes: Ana Savić Gecan, assistant director: David Cerar, production manager: Sylvia Knight.

Unfortunately, this was a one-act  presentation, and seeing the  theater was absolutely full, showed interest  to the young Slovenian actors play  and  indeed be worthwhile to have the possibility to have a presentation more than once upon  the stage.  In the meantime having high hopes the Odry Stage will bring some more English-speaking actors with their play to Budapest in a short time again.

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Another good and herald news for the English-speaking foreigners working or staying in the mean time in Budapest.

Tristan and Isolde

The performance will be in English language and will be with Hungarian subtitle.

8 p.m. on Tuesday, May, 21. 2013.

Theater and Film University’s Ódry Stage

District, VIII. 2/a Vas Street, Budapest

The Maladype Theater and Mini Theater from Ljubljana, Slovenia will be bringing to Budapest to the Odry Theater the classy world-famous play which was adapted by Mr. Jean Cocteau and now brought to you by director Mr. Zoltán Balázs. Most probably it will be interesting to see the play by young adult Slovenian actors and actresses.

Many may know the background of the fabulous story which hits real life’s situations, just like life and death, reality and dream and indeed talks about two hearts beat as one and their twin souls reflexes. Their stories give a chance again to recall the promise of Eden … We tore it in half in a world of Mini Theater and analyzing the performance of Maladype common man-woman relationship and delicate balance , looking for the answer to this question.  The play is presented with their sensitive and fragile experience. It shows a picture of their love for each other day-by-day.  Following their story it will be easy to recognize what has happened that turned this world up-side-down.

The Tristan and Isolde history of Maladypében in 2008,  was presented with great success. Later on reached its  international success. The non-verbal presentation Tojáséj “Egg night” was  considered based on improvisations, in which Mr.Zoltán Balazs’s first D company of the “It’s Complicated” (MGP) movement language, which in Ljubljana resolution, the text of Cocteau and dramaturgy, English sounding integrated context. Of course beside the love for each other, the basic conflict is the love triangle that goes on between Isolde, Tristan and Mark, Tristan’s  uncle.

No more about the play. It must be seen and each and everyone being at the play will certainly have their own thoughts about the story.

Directored by Mr. Zoltán Balázs, Playreader Ms. Judit Góczán, Set and costume from Ms. Ana Savic Gecan, First assistant director Mr. David Cerar, Production manager Ms. Sylvia Huszár

Actors: Vesna Kuzmić, Ana Urbanc, Jernej Čampelj, Robert Korošec, Rok Kunaver, Tadej Pišek and Marko Ujc

Tickets for the play for adults 2200HUF.  and for students, senior, professional and group tickets:1500HUF/person.

Tickets can be purchased every day of the week from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Keeping in mind the foreigner visitors, here is the web site in English language to purchase your online tickets:

or by going to order through e/mail or just by simply dialing +36 70 326 8108.

Hope this herald news will make your day and attract you like a magnet. As indicated in the beginning there ain’t too often English-speaking plays in Budapest, so go for it enjoying the play in English language.

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