Herald News – The Wizarding World – Harry Potter films Coming Soon @ Budapest’s Cinemas.


There is not much to wait for the release of the long-awaited video game Hogwarts Legacy, but in addition to its release, the beginning of 2023 will also be the return of the entire Harry Potter film series for a limited time in the theaters of Pannónia Movie Ltd.

This time, Pannónia Entertainment is holding a two-month Harry Potter marathon from mid-January at Cinema MOM, Pólus Center Cinema and GoBuda Cinema (former Eurocenter).

The digitally restored 4K versions of the films that were completed not so long ago will be shown, this time in Cinema MOM again with subtitles, while in the other two units of the network, synchronously

And in February, it will have been almost 20 years since its filming, so by now a generation has really grown up since the early works were published, but it is almost time to watch a 12-hour program without parental supervision.

Age limit, above 12 years old.

Below dates and screening times can be viewed at each cinema’s site:

GOBUDA Cinema  – Harry Potter series – Digitally restored 4K
Pulos Center  – Harry Potter series  – Digitally restored 4K
Cinema MOM – Harry Potter series  – Digitally restored 4K

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