Japanese Film Festival – Online 2022.

JAPO film festival 2022

Streaming for free in 25 countries, is finally open!

With a fantastic selection of 20 films representing the variety and depth of Japanese cinema, including new releases which were a hit in Japan in 2021, animated features, documentaries, and Akira Kurosawa’s classic film RASHOMON, the JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL ONLINE 2022 is officially open today and will run simultaneously for two weeks in February of 2022.

Hereby can view interviews with Miwa Nishikawa, director of Under the Open Sky, and Soushi Matsumoto, director of It’s a Summer Film! The directors taking about the ideas that went into their films, and got a behind the scenes of the production.

Director Miwa Nishikawa speaks about Under the Open Sky, ONLINE. Q.: What did depicting a former organized crime member reveal to her? and about issues in Japanese society, which treats convicts like monsters and demands conformity.

Director Soushi Matsumoto sits down to talk about his first feature film, It’s a Summer Film! We gain insight into the thoughts of Director Matsumoto, who cleverly weaves together the elements of “a high school girl who loves period dramas” … “movie making,” … ‘Sci-Fi’ to create a new teen film that goes beyond a simple love story or tale about growing up.

Three years after the release of his previous film, internationally acclaimed animated film director Makoto Shinkai has announced the release of his upcoming film, Suzume Locking Up the Doors, in fall 2022. It is a road movie set in the ruins of cities across Japan, and follows a young girl as she closes doors through which disasters come.

Also … Short film series MIRRORLIAR FILMS Season 2 debut


In an age when just about anyone can make a movie, MIRRORLIAR FILMS aims to create boundary-crossing films with freedom and originality. The second installment of this short film production project, MIRRORLIAR FILMS Season 2, created by film producer Chikara Ito, is set to debut in theaters across Japan on February 18th.

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