Exhibition & Concert Hungarian Heros of Roma Origin @ the City of Pécs

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Hungarian Roma Heros & Gergő Oláh concert  6 p.m. February, 4-10. 2022.

The exhibition is open until February, 10. 2022.

Pécs will be the opening venue of the national historical traveling exhibition presenting Hungarian heroes of Roma origin. February 4-10. The exhibition in the courtyard of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter @ City of Pécs will be enriched by accompanying programs such as Gergő Oláh‘s free concert and the all-arts program of the students of Gandhi High School.
The open-air traveling exhibition Together, Free – Hungarian Roma Heroes focuses on outstanding personalities of the Hungarian Roma, who set an example for the entire Hungarian national community with their heroism, standing, cultural, artistic and community organizing performance.
The Gandhi High School Tradition Ensemble is preparing an exciting accompanying program for the opening ceremony. In addition to entertaining and sharing music together, their goal is to contribute to the preservation of traditions with authentic gypsy songs and dances. Within the Day’s event NeRok-run Gandhi Photo Club & quot; Viewpoint & quot; photo exhibition on the spot. At 6 p.m. Gergő Oláh, the winner of the third series of the X-Factor, will give a free concert in the E78 Concert Hall of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.
The exhibition consists of a total of 33 tables. The pages show a portrait of a Roma Heros whom played an important role during the 1956 revolution and the war of independence and the change of regime in 1989-90, with a brief biographical description.

Free registration tickets are available from ZsÖK NKft. can be requested on the spot at the ticket offices.

It is mandatory to wear a mask during the concert in accordance with the applicable regulations.

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