Coming Soon … The Goya Murders – Thriller Movie

Original title: EL ASESINO DE LOS CAPRICHOS – Directed by: Gerardo Herrero
Starring: Maribel Verdú, Aura Garrido, Ginés García Millán

Country and Release Year in Spain 2019. – Runtime: 97 mins.

The film will arrive in Hungarian cinemas on December, 9. 2021 in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles, distributed by Pannonia Entertaiment Ltd.

Synopsis … Police race to stop a mysterious serial killer targets, terrorises the wealthy class of art collectors in Madrid and poses their corpses to reproduce the scenes of the famous “Caprichos” painting by Francisco Goya. Two female police detectives Carmen – a veteran detective fed up with her life, and Eva – her young and idealistic assistant, must hunt down a meticulous assassin who has left no tracks.

Update: Aggie Reiter

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