Official Opening B&B Hotel Budapest – Hungary 2021.


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Venue: District, IX., 1-3 Angel Street

On Tuesday, September 28, the building of the former Angel office building overlooking the Danube with excellent visibility was official open by Valerio Duchini South-Europe CEO  B&B Hotel. During the opening celebration of the B&B Hotel Budapest City, the CEO talked about the history in time of the B&B birth up till this latest new opening, starting with the birth of the B&B saying, was established in the hotel chain founded in 1989 by François Branellec of Galaxie SA. The first hotels opened simultaneously in Brest and Saint-Malo 1907 in  Brittany, France. In 1988 Germany … 2007 Italy … 2011 Poland … 2014 in Europe already a total of 300 B&B  hotels … 2018 2 B&B  in Brasil … 2021 Hungary and The Netherlands.

Overall the economy hotel chain, operates  at more than 580 hotels in 14 different countries.

As he said the 214-room ultramodern hotel belongs to the third largest economy hotel chain in Europe. The panoramic rooftop terrace can enjoy the break of the day or just simple see the sun go down behind the Gellert Hill.

The company’s first Hungarian unit and only to the nearest airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is just 15 km from the property and nearest to the Highway connection in visiting other regions in the country.

Riport  &  snaps Aggie Reiter

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