Bethlen Square Theater … “Nőkből is megárt …” @ Budapest

Photo from the Bethlen Square Theater

The Bethlen Square Theater and the production of Manna

“Nőkből is megárt …”  – The  mother becoming grandmother can be harming her daughter.

Teri Tordai – Mother, Lili Horváth – Girl (Nóra), Edina, Psychologist, Cseh Judit – Director

The story realizes that we dare to still say from experience from something has passed … also not to be afraid to meet new situations … and shows humor is one of the most important things in life.

The two actress is mother and daughter in real life. The play is about a family story … A mother-daughter story of how a parent will be a grandparent and a mother of a child. Time goes by aging from the outside, but there is an inner core, which freely roars independently of the body. What happens to us when we wake up to the fact that we are aging in the eyes of society, but not within us!?!

In the play, Teri Tordai explores the mysteries of family relationships with sensitivity and humor. Lili Horváth appears in several roles … plays as the psychologist and loving wife beside the main character being the daughter.

The production is played in Hungarian language, and hopefully there will be subtitled in the future for the  foreigners and  tourist audience staying in Budapest without having Hungarian language knowledge. In the meantime for those having a little knowledge in Hungarian will surely enjoy the performance for all ages. Such as: theatrical, temporary dance performances, folk performances, festivals, musical programs and exhibitions. The theater also has a line of programs for families and children. On Sundays plays for children, free screenings, and exhibitions at the Gallery await the audience every month.

Even if you stay in Budapest even for a short time, it is worthwhile to visit a cultural spot.  At the entrance hall, a little hall of fame where there are not just photos exhibited of great Hungarian actors from the past.

Bethlen Square Theater …  a little jewelry box where past meets present. It is a rather small theater. In 2012, it was re-named as Bethlen Theater – the same name it had before it was closed in 1937. The change of name went hand in hand with a change of profile: before the reopening, the place functioned as a dance theater for more than 15 years; since then it is a production theater.

Make it one of your favorite theater!

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