Sculptor by Gábor Miklós Szőke – Telenor Hyperfa – City Hall Park @ Budapest 2019

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Every road leads to the City Hall Park when your in the middle of Downtown

District, V.,  Károly Blvd. Budapest

The interactive Xmas tree of the sculptor Gábor Miklós Szőke  on the the City Hall Park can be seen until the end of December. The Xmas tree of Gábor lights up with more pictures when many people stand on the podium.

Another attraction has been added to downtown Budapest last Sunday with the 10-meter-high Xmas statue namely: Telenor Hyperfa by statue  creator  Gábor Miklós Szőke. With his interactive work would like to draw attention to the true essence of the holidays, to co-existence. Ferenc Molnár inaugurated the installation with a Ferenc Molnár – (nickname: Caramel) mini concert at the fair.

The statue creator said  the thousands of slats of the Hyperfa is more than just a public sculpture. It is also an interactive installation that connects people with a community experience. When six people stand on the podium at the same time, the installation literally comes to life … music starts and is illuminated by a special light painting. It  lights up magic feeling for a moment and surely gathers visitors to the fair passing by during the rush hours, and for a short time reminds, of course not just int he Xmas time that being together is the most valuable part of the coming season.

The creator of Hyperfa –  Gábor Miklós Szőke, is widely known for his monumental public sculptures around the world. Already has left his landmarks with his sophisticated public sculptures in the USA and elsewhere. For the holidays, the artist has been creating eco-conscious little Xmas trees for the past 10 years, using the remnants of his wooden installations to donate most of them to charity. The Hyper Tree is not just a 10-meter magnified replica of these Xmas tree statues. It is an interactive public space creation that becomes even more communal during the holidays! “I wanted to bring people closer together. In the case of Hyperfa, “magic” can only be lured together, by the interaction of friends, family members. The tree changes its face in the dark thanks to the video installation on it, “said Miklós Szőke.

Caramel at the inauguration of the Hyperfa, surprised those who were present giving a mini concert. He come along with his wife, Szilvi, and daughter, Sofi. He said they are in charge  at home of the Xmas tree. He is pretty much surprised to see that at the end of November there is a decorated Xmas tree at home. The singer appreciates the time spent with his loved ones during the holidays and for the first time, he will not give a big concert in December as usually, so he can spend Xmas time with  his family.

The Telenor Hyperfa stands in City Hall Park and comes to life after dark between 4.30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Local or foreigners  is a must  spot to visit and can capture the experience. Also with alittle help at the hostesses, they can make a selfie and can then access at

Update and snap © Aggie Reiter

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