10th Anniversary of Semmelweis Salon @ Budapest

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Semmelweis Salon  – Where Art and Science Meet

District, VIII. 26 Üllői Road Budapest

Exhibition was open by Dr. Béla Merkely rector of Semmelweis University on the occasion of its 10th anniversary of the Semmelweis Salon. Fine art collection on display has been donated to the university’s salon by invited guest artists of the past 10 years.

Were present as well: Tivadar Tulassay, László Táncos, Edina Varga curators of the salon told stories of the past 10 years.

For example was mentioned György Vukán, the Kossuth and Erkel Prize-winning composer who has excelled as a dentist at Semmelweis University – passed away in 2013. During the day, after obtained his diploma practicing as a civilian dentist. Connected to his name is the invention of the DMA, a medical allergy detection device. In the evening, he gave concerts to his jazz fans.

Several former students were  also  participating at the Salon celebration. Little memorable stories were told about their own university years, and as they also became enthusiasts of different art disciplines. One of the painter told his own story, that when he heard  the crack on forearm he quickly flipped through his anatomical study book and assume where, which bone was fracture.  It may sound a bit bizarre  to flip through his book but was handy to know for how many weeks wrapped in plaster will have to stay away from his art works.

Also featured: Béla Szakcsi Lakatos pianist, who played Hungarian folk songs in his own jazzy processing

The exhibition will be on until January 14, 2020. The exhibition can be visited by advance appointment.

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