The Birth of Hungarian Whiskey & Premium Apricot & Plum Pálinka from Békési Manufactory

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Excepting the Veritas Wine Trading in Budapest call to join at the presentation and tasting learnt about the latest products of the Békés Distillery.  The main cast was on the latest pálinka and their brand new whiskey product.

The presentation started along with tasting the debuts of the Békési Premium Apricot Pálinka. The background goes …This year the Békés Distillery celebrates its 35th anniversary. They are one of the largest commercial breweries in Hungary. They have added new members to the premium product line for the anniversary … the Premium Apricot Pálinka and the Premium Plum Pálinka. The 35 years of expertise  is in each bottle since 1984. Békési was one of the first to get a pálinka license at the Csatárkert, and  throughout the years he learned all  what it takes in the profession. Success was not lost in the fog, because the tradion went on generation-by-generation in the pálinka brewing and to-day one of the largest managed distilleries and breweries in the country.

The Master Threesome – Békési Premium Palinka Family … Their most successful product is the Békési Premium Plum pálinka made from protected fruit, which comes from its 27 hectares of its own plum plantation and the fruit of the local inhabitants. “Our goal is clear, wish to meet everyone’s taste. Our intention is supplemented by qualitative competition in recent years has brought many exciting technological solutions, such guided by computer control after fermentation, the traditional two-stage and modern columnar technology are present in the brewery at the same time.  said Gábor Szűcs – Békési Ltd. Chairman Board of Directors , ”

The second member, the Békési Apricot Pálinka Debut. The anniversary of the expanded premium product line brought another new member. An exceptionally full-bodied and sweet-tasting fruit experience. In its scent, can find the citrusiness and freshness of ripeness, succulent apricots, and in its flavor give a hint to our grandmother’s apricot jam in the embrace of alcohol.

The third premium newest member from the Békési Distillery  – The Békési Single Barrel Whiskey in the line. It is the birth of the 1st. Hungarian Whiskey.  The Békési Single Barrel Whiskey, has been aged for twelve years. According to Sándor Békési – commercial manager, the idea as a whiskey consumer is not that strange, as the equipment is just as suitable for cooking grain distillates. It was only for the whiskey-like maturation that the oak barrels, which had been prepared by the casades, were lightly roasted. After 12 years of maturation, the Békési Single Barrel is bottled per barrel, with having the barrel serial number on the label, so it’s no surprise that you taste it side-by-side and some items, differences in color, fragrance and taste can be discovered. In the recent years, two more attempts have been made at the Békés Manufactory in aging cellar, one in Tokaj aszú and the other in barrique barrels, previously used for aging by a renowned Irish whiskey factory.

As a national distributor, the Veritas Wine Shop in Budapest is the exclusive distributor of Békés Pálinka. Its goal is no less than to raise the profile and reputation of Hungarian brandy through its premium products both in the domestic and international markets.

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  1. I did have a taster of Békési Whisky in a Dublin bar a while ago.
    I can’t say it won me over, but I did enjoy the chance to try it.
    Wish them all the best for future releases.

    • Hello Whiskey Lad 🙂 see you surely are a professional in the tastings … I believe there are many of whiskey makers, especially in you area that are lighter, stronger with also varied in taste. Appreciate and thanks for rolling by and posting your comment. If you have a chance to taste the premium apricot pálinka, you should give it a shot. It’s it is strong, and the reminder of the apricot is simply a awesome.
      Wishing you a Happy Whiskey New New … regards from Budapest

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