Splash into the Xmas mood – Divas Night- BOK Stadion @ Budapest

The news was spread at the press call at the Spinoza Theater, District VII., 15 Dob Street- Budapest.

This will be the first time they will be performing together.

 BOK Stadion – District, XIV., 1. Dózsa György Road  –  Budapest

Friday, December, 20.  – 8 p.m.

On Friday, December, 20.  – 8 p.m., Gigi Radics, Heni Dér, Reni Tolvai and Linda KirályThe four Divas will not be on the Catwalk, but they could be. This time will be the first occasion these singers to be delivering a joint concert, bringing the Xmas spirits on stage. They are well-known in the pop-music-land of today. The four DIVA in this formation will be the first time to be heard at the BOK Stadion – District, XIV., 1. Dózsa György Road  –  Budapest.

The audience can look forward to a sparkling  festive atmosphere and some real Xmas classics.They intend to close the year with a high-quality „A little Hungarian Vegas show”. Within their interpretation will include Christmas classics such as “Silent Night” or “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. In addition, will share some of their own hits with the audience. Not only specific songs sparkle the night, but  showing up the Divas appearance on stage. Their clothes will be  arriving from the fashion’s capital – Paris. Was also announced, that the Divas full ticket sales for the Xmas of the Divas concert will be offered to the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital – Budapest.

As for the future,  they said having high hopes as Divas jointly singers at another occasion in hitting the high note on stage.

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