Bud Spencer – born: Carlo Pedersoli – Beloved Westerns All’Italiana

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Bud Spencer (born:Carlo Pedersoli)  

„The Slapping Hero” in the era of the Spaghetti Western movies … yesterday would have had his 90th Birthday.

In honor of the Bud Spencer anniversary memorial program took place at the „Álomgyár” – Dream Factory in Budapest on the Rákóczi Street Book Store. Bud movies were extremely in favorit among the growing up kids in 1979 when the Hungarian Television screened it first Piedona film, and for those generation still today kept the legendary actor’s movies in favor. Before on screen was not just any kind of athlete and philanthropist, but who followed his life knows that very well. On the venue the Bud Spencer – Piedone life-size cardboard figures awaited the shoppers a long line of sneak peeks for the 5 o’clock door to be open as to buy the illustrated book and stay then after signings by author Levente Király.

The book and the version of the film premiered this year was in the Hungarian cinemas titled “Piedone’s Trail”. DVD was also available on the spot at discount prices. The book contains nearly thirty chapters, and can start reading it anywhere because the author has broken it down into chapters, not in chronological order. The book, containing 120 exclusive photographs, and published by Levente Király with support but in private publishing.

The celebration was in memorial, within commemorative program of Bud Spencer Piedone to his 80th Birthday with a life-size cardboard figure, with champagne, and of course a cake with Bud’s picture.

Some of the proceeds from the sale are for charitable purposes because his intention is to follow the same principle and philosophy as Bud Spencer did.

The Hungarian Bud Spencer film was awarded in Naples! Levente Király – Colleague of MTVA  received the prestigious Italian award, the San Gennaro Prize, on the main square of Naples Cathedral for his documentary film “Behind Piedone” the life of Italian actor Bud Spencer, Behind Piedone. Movie director Levente Király is mentioned as a miracle in Bud Spencer’s hometown of Naples as for the shot for four years, in five countries of  Bud Spencer the giant Italian actor.

What is left out of the movie is included in the book!

Those not familiar within the Hungarian language, it may be comforting to have at some point the book published in English or Italian language.

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