Herald News: Károly Gundel Prize Winners of 2019.


Károly Gundel (1883-1956) established the Károly Gundel Prize in 2014, with the involvement of professional organizations, in the memory of the iconic restaurateur. The award will be given to individuals who are exemplary followers of Károly Gundel’s career and gastronomy in the Hungarian hospitality industry. The prize is awarded to those who have been outstandingly successful in the Hungarian hospitality industry for at least 25 years, have a solid professional history and an exemplary career, cherish the historical traditions of Hungarian hospitality, support the young generation’s professional development, and contribute to in the promotion of Hungarian hospitality. Recognition can be granted to the best in the hospitality industry, up to three per year.

The Industry Council publish the names of the winners each year, so we learned this morning’s press conference at the Hungarian Museum of Commerce and Hospitality in Óbuda. The date of  its notification is connected to the birthday of Károly Gundel  – 23rd of September.

There was 13 professional organizations, delegates from 3 institutions, the Gundel Restaurant and a representative of the Gundel family to decide on the nominees for this year’s winners. This year there were 14 people who were in the nominations. According to the consensus of professional organizations and institutions, this year’s winners were Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll chef and Tibor Meskál. So that means next year Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll will mark the Banquet Lunch at the November’s Gundel Prize.  This year’s winner to celebrate the 125-year-old Gundel Restaurant, the chef award winner, in this case is Tibor Rosenstein takes care of it.

The Banquet Lunch celebration event  with the awards has been changed and the new venue will be at the Kopaszi-Gát Gulf House Event Center – Budapest.

Organizing committee of the gala lunch will be Lajos Bíró (Bock Bistro), László Kovács (MVI president, La Fiesta Party Service Kft. József Balázs (Tacuba Café) and Bíró Bernadett (professional secretary of MVI).

On this event will be held out the  “Taste Guide” booklet which covers over sixty colleagues and friends recalling their memory moments in common with illustrated with pictures and recipes of own homemade recipes, is edited: Zsuzsa Gyimesi.

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