Ten days to come – Valley of Arts Festival – Hungary

This year Valley of Arts Festival is celebrating its 29th year in continuing the event as the largest multi-art event in Hungary!

Valley of Arts  event will take place between July, 19-28. 2019 at three neighbor villages of Kapolcs, at Taliándörögd and at Vigántpetend.

All the events and concerts listed in participating can only be accessed by visitors with valid wristbands. A number of stages differing in size and genre at these venues.

Just for the notice … the Valley of Arts reserves the right to change the event line-up in certain cases. For instance, in case of bad weather, events will be stopped and will be continued once weather conditions allow it.  To ease information of the programs  whereabouts,  can be followed by mobile app to receive the latest Valley updates. English-speaking Valley staff will be on the spot for guidance if needed. For locals and tourist visiting the event for several days keep in mind to book accommodation in advance at szallas@muveszetekvolgye.hu. There are  nearby accommodation capacity but they  are limited, make sure you book in time. The catering is easy to trace as well. To get around with the “Csigabusz – Csiga Bus” as the official Valley transportation, which runs all day between the Valley and nearby villages.

Use of the “Csiga” bus is free of charge having valid wristbands, follow the buses within the app as showing the exact time of running. For further information visit http://www.muveszetekvolgye.hu. The website has English language information as well.

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  1. Posted by Jessy on 18/07/2019 at 03:19

    We sincerely invite you to attend The 8th Shanghai Fair 2019 in Hungary and we also would like to invite you to attend our B2B Meeting that will be a great opportunity to get connection with the companies and industries from Shanghai.

    • Dear Jessy .. Thanks for the invitation. Happy to attend at the Shanghai Fair.
      Q.: Can you send me a link as an invited, where I may register for a free entry to the fair?
      Regards Aggie Reiter – rollinginbudapest.com

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