THE QUARRYMEN – John Lennon’s first band @ Eger – 2019

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The Quarrymen band arrived to Hungary to attend at the 4th year anniversary of the Beatles Museum on the Egri Road in the City of Eger – Hungary. In the Middle East European region at Eger stands the one-and-only Beatles museum.

John Lennon’s first band “The Quarrymen” with Colin Hanton, Len Garry, Rod Davis, Ches Newby gave their first concert in Hungary on the 12th of May at the Gárdonyi Géza Theater in Eger.

Previously to the concert, a press conference was held in the Hotel Korona Eger assembly hall, members went back in time and spoke about their own and common memories  rolling back to the first days before the birth of the Beatles.

At the beginning the memories were dripping, but in a wink time came upon surface to eachother and spoke about those joint memories when playing music together and how they spent their free-time in the old days. Gábor Peterdi showed the members the leaflet published for this occasion: “THE QUARRYMEN … on the Road to Egri Road”. The musicians with much surprise eagerly were looking at the leafing shown at the press conference. It was prepared by graphic comic Csaba Mester  for hosting the band on this occasion.  The text was by Gábor Peterdi within Hungarian and English version. The leaflet is numbered and available at the Beatles museum.  The leaflet is only a one time occasionally published.

After the Quarrymen storytellers, Gábor Peterdi – owner of the Beatles Museum escorted the Lads around the Museum where they admired and were deeply impressed by the huge collection and a bunch of rare relics. They also recognized …  enjoyed seeing some items they were also familiar from way back  and brought  memos of those happy days, also not to mention the quantity of all sort of items gathered by the museum. Thereafter, jointly unveiled the newest relics … a portrait of John Lennon with his original signature brought by the members of the Quarrymen to enrich museum collections.

During Lads two-day stay at Eger, visited deputy major – Botond Rázsó at the City Hall, thereafter came a tour to the minaret, the Basilica and on their way met with fans and signed countless autographs and posed for photos as well. Was a  day to remember for Beatles fans meeting the pre-Beatles members.

On Sunday, May, 12 the Liverpool Quartet visited the Szépasszony Valley, where they tasted the well-known Egri Bikavér and the other Eger wine specialties. The Hungarian lunch was very tasty for each of them, especially that the real Gulyás – “Gulash” had never been tasted by them.

Reaching the afternoon, at four o’clock, after a short soundcheck, the program continued with a one-hour concert. Almost every song filled the theater that John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison played in those early. Durinbg the afternoon, Part2 The BlackBirds, an internationally acclaimed Hungarian ensemble played Beatles tunes and continued ended up by the two bands singing together “Twenty Flight Rock” the song of Paul McCartney. With this song Len Garry proposed to enter John Lennon’s band .

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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