Herald News: Premiere Clip – EROX Martini „Cos’è l’amore” @ Budapest

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Strengthening the relationship between EROX Martini and Rosario Neri, Lorabea Film Production.

A press gathering was held at the O.K. Italia Restaurant at the Arena Shopping Mall – Budapest, were known musicians were also invited beside the media representatives. For almost thirty years, the singer-songwriter has considered Hungary as his home. He was deeply fond of music already as a child, worked as a singer-pianist in Italy and released 13 albums, including some gold and platinum. Although his calendar has been full of performances in recent years, therefore, or so EROX hasn’t released a new album for 10 years, but now come along a sweat up to blood with a real Latino dancing song, that was introduced on video ont he spot. It was shot in Slovenia close to the Italian border down by the Seaside. He added modestly, that many foreign music station editors now adore this new song.

The song’s lyrics is sending a message to the couples, to listen to each other, to appreciate the special bond that keeps them together. The Latin rhythm and the message hits like a stone and surely will target many hearts.

EROX Sicilian-born Hungarian singer-songwriter, a.k.a. the Hungarian Eros Ramazotti, last album was released in 2009, and for six years was in the drawer, but now out, title: „Cos’è l’amore” and refers what love really is about. Sending a message to the couples, to listen to each other, to appreciate the special bond that keeps them together.

An old acquaintance, Rosario Neri, owner of Lorabea Film Production, the well-known Italian film producer straight from Italy arrived to the premiere clip in Budapest – Hungary. EROX mentioned, the filmmaker called him after 30 years with a plan to make a film about him.

Many people are even able to write songs when they are not completely well i.e. when they are down-and-out, but for EROX only goes when feeling good and the surrounding is cool and fine.

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