Eurovision Song Contest – 2019 …  Here I Come … Joci Pápai – “My Father”

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The fever is on all the competitors, not otherwise like Joci Pápai who is representing Hungary to join at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest – Tel-Aviv –  2019.

He sang the acoustic version of the song. at the press conference held at the Restaurant KIOSK before preparing to depart to Tel Aviv – Israel in representing Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest – 2019.

He expressed his thanks in reaching this stand to the Country, Caramel, his co-song writer and his Father who is the greatest man he knows.

As he said, the song is about one of the deepest emotions. The message of the song is to “LOVE” in Capital Letters, because what we can lose in our present, will never come back. I hope that when I will sing this song, everyone may feel what I feel.

Joci Pápai was the winner on the live broadcast of “Dal” = “Song” contest on the Danube and Duna World TV channel with his song “My Father”. This will be the song sung by him at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest during May 14-18, 2019.

The representative of the Eurovision Song Contest in May will attend 42  countries, and Joci Pápai – the Hungarian competitor will perform on the 14th of May in the first semi-final, where and when the audience can take flow on a spiritual journey!


Update, snaps and video: Aggie Reiter

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