BrewDog Budapest – First in Central- Eastern Europe

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BrewDog is a Scottish brewery and the pubs naturally serve craft beers and where the red neon lights  are twinkling just as in the UK, gives the real pub atmosphere with  25 underground glistening beer taps at Anker Köz in Budapest. Above the counter, there is a Gigas illuminated panel, with the characters in the legendary series. Prices Whoa … between 1200-1800HUF.

At the opening ceremony was attended by H.E. Iain Lindsay, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary and Graeme Hamilton of Brew Dog – U.K. The ambassador is known to love the good whiskey and Scotland, but also heard that the Brew Dog is one of his favorite brewery manufactures. Graeme did not pull a lot of time talking, practically declaring that he should not talk but drink, since being at a Punk brewery.

Today it is closer to the world’s beer elite Budapest: European craft beer in shaping their own image of the legendary Scottish BrewDog by opening its own bar in the capital’s party district.

Budapest, especially saturated operation, at the central area, quite a lot of new wave of small-scale beer works, several of them a wide range of international posts,  therefore there was and is already an option to choose from the beerville for beer lovers.

For locals, foreigners, tourist the BrewDog pub can be paired with finger food, snack and just as well as  having wine or fine whisky in the jar.

Tested by invitation …

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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