“SlowDown” – Avoid Xmas panic/stress on the iconic streets of Budapest.

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Get to know the themed shopping streets of Budapest!

Avoid Xmas panic and stress by experiencing culture during the Season of Advent.

The iconic streets of Budapest have joined together to point out the true meaning of the Season of Advent by encouraging locals, foreigners and tourists to slow down. The thematic streets’ from December, 1.-24.2018. So instead of crushing at crowded shopping malls, these venues offer cool  enjoying time without rushing to visit Falk Art & Antique Street (Falk Miksa Street), Bartók Béla Boulevard, Fashion Street (Deák Ferenc Street), KultUnio  and Ráday Soho – Street,  Király Street, Pozsonyi Picnic,  Fashion Street, Liszt Ferenc Square, Mikszáth Square, Háris Bazár, Markets.

The joint adventures of the streets, called “SlowXmas” emphasize slowdown and recharge yourselves!

During the locals, tourists and foreigner visitor can take a look at the antiquity of the month, and can also participate in real auctions. On auction day, the participant shops offer special discounts and gifts to the customers and free wrapping of the locally purchased goods provided.

The participants are rewarded at these venues with a stamp that can be used for tea and other gifts.

As the real advent calendar, as we flip-up the window may see/where/what is happening with friends, families on these streets and boulevards.

On these special locations hot beverages and street music awaiting for the visitors.

Beside the arts and crafts programs  the participant shops and galleries also welcomes the visitors by having longer opening-hours. On this coming Friday and Saturday, visitors can give it a try to comfy themselves at the mobile sauna placed at the Gárdonyi Square, and relax a bit after the day’s Xmas rush and regain their energy to go for the 2nd half of Advent.

Details about the whereabouts: : bevasarloutca.hu/en

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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