Decision by “SwimranKing” = Dániel Gyúrta

An end of an awesome era of Hungarian swimming sports has been completed with the announcement of

“SwimranKing” = Dániel Gyúrta

Q: “Making the most difficult decision of my life, I am saying goodbye to competitive swimming. I am not a “give-up type of guy”, but I had to admit that it’s time to let it go. I am grateful to the whole nation for standing behind me and for the fact that I won everything a swimmer may dream of: I was undefeated for 6 years in the world. I will not show my back to the world of pools, Hungarian swimming can rely on me!”

Five-legged games at 200 meters, the first Hungarian of the World Championships, after the Olympic success

Beside being on the stands so many occasions, received a diploma for sporting action from the International Fair Play Commission (CIFP) at the Paris ceremony in 2013.

He traveled to Norway, where he met with Dale Oen‘s parents and brother Robin in a gala gathering. Gyúrta received an international fair play for his act. As he said at the event: Q: “It can and must be sported that rivals do not seek to destroy each other, but recognize who is the better in noble rivalry.

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