INDIA Independence@70 – Budapest

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“Alluring India 2017” – A unique MAIDEN display of Indian Traditional & Fusion Fashion in Hungary.

Incredible Delights with Incredible Indian twist in Fashion!

This event was organised celebrating the 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence, by Rahul Chhabra Ambassador of India in collaboration with Mr. Vinay Gupta, Managing Director of Gait-N-Grace.

The celebration of 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence Day in Budapest was in mid August, yet the Embassy of India in the capital of Hungary was organized adding the ceremony connected with two “F”s … Fashion and Food at the “Bálna” – “Whale” last week in Budapest.

India is a country of fabulous landscapes, exotic flavors, beautiful buildings and much more that was introduced during the evening when the lights were turned down low, yet on the catwalk the brightness of  full-fledged awesome fashion world open to the eyes of the audience at present.

“Enchanting”... The Fashion show featured the latest finely tailored Indian garments such as Silk Saris, embroidered Lehengas and mermaid gowns with ruffles. The collection was more about Indian traditional wear with a touch of contemporary ensemble.

The concept of the event was to create an environment of Indian ethos globally through a
unique insight into collections of 2 eminent names in the bridal trousseau industry, Ms.
CharuParashar and Ms. PayalKeyal. This fashion show showcased a first-off collection
namely “Regal Saree” –  “Various Moods” by Ms.CharuParashar, “The Weaves from the Ghats of Banaras” by Ms. Salma Sultan, and “Contemporary Sari” –  “Contemporary Wedding Cocktail” collection by Ms. PayalKeyal.

A glimpse of Indian culture was also showcased with a live demonstration of how a 9
meters in length Sari plead-by-plead was draped to perfection in different styles.  Was told about the world’s longest sari measured as 388.9 meters (usually 4-5 meters in length, 90-120 centimeters wide in a piece of fabric.

The audience was mesmerized by the beautifully crafted Indian outfit that was portrayed as an acknowledgement of the skills & talent – Indian hand-weavers. The poem “khoob ladi
mardani,woh toh Jhansi wali rani thi” by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, was enacted to highlight the story of Rani Laxmi Bai, who battled her fight to freedom despite being
dressed in nine-yard long Langdar Sari. With flowing spirits and free-wheeling
conversations.  Also the guests indeed enjoyed the fascinating act by a Hungarian Mind

Not only the fashion was unique, the Hungarian and diplomatic glitterati couldn’t stop raving about the lavish spread as they immersed themselves in the fashion show sipping a delectable glass of Hungarian wines and mulled wins, but also the smooth taste of India’s beer. The fondness for India’s food is not only to get in India. The Indian delicacies was top of the cake with the display of rustic and authentic Indian curry buffet introducing the traditional tastes from several regions brought on the spot by the Curry House in Budapest. 

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