India’s 70th Independence Day celebration in Budapest

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On the occasion of India’s celebrating the 70th Anniversary of India’s Independence, Rahul Chhabra Ambassador of India hosted, welcomed together with his dear wife from the four corners of the Earth ambassadors to Hungary of countless nations, prominent Hungarians, people from India staying, working in different fields in Hungary and invited V.I.P. guests.  Among where Dr. Péter Medgyessy – Former Prime Minster, Dr. Petra Pana – Deputy State Secretary for External Economic Affairs, Dr. Sándor Sipos – Director General of Asia-Pacific Department, Mayors of several Cities throughout Hungary, Senior Government officials, top echelons of Corporate World and representatives of Hungarian print, audio-visual media, editors of leading fashion publications

The „Bálna” (The „Whale” – commercial, cultural, entertaining and catering center) with over 250 guests joined on the night of the event and it could hardly absorb the many invitees!

The guests were received by soulful Indian music. India’s Embassy and its sponsors brought in every sence a large slice of culture to Budapest. To describe the event, would definitely be enchanting and sophisticated.

In these 70 years India has progressed much in several areas, thus many may know and those of interest in the traditions, food, films, heritage venues, fashion etc. are familiar.  The evening highlighted its rich heritage.

The wide selection of  traditional india’s food was out-of-space provided by the Curry House in Budapest (previous report )full of ingredients not so common used in the Hungarian kitchen. Superb occasion was worthwhile to taste, renew in the everyday meals the yummy flavors such as: Aalo Gobhi, Onion Bhaji, Prawn Goan Curry, India’s Naan breads, palate refreshments, India’s Jasvir beer and a traditional dessert – Seviyan (vermicelli Kheer).for the Hungarians and those foreigners who have already tasted India’s food in their native country to hop over for a journey to traditional India’s delicates in Budapest at the Curry House.

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