More recent renewed SPAR Budapest


Since its founding, this year the SPAR Hungary reached its 25th  anniversary. By now has established 345 supermarkets and 32 Interspar and Spar 108 TOP Partner franchise. The expansion in the future continues to open new stores within the modernization of existing stores which is the company’s development policy priority.
“At 73. Kerepesi Road – Budapest, the SPAR supermarket is one of the most popular retail outlets in the area, and significant shopping individuals live surround the venue. Therefore, was decided to install the 21st-century in styling and high quality service in the store.”- Said Mark Maczelka brand communication manager. Continued by saying: Q.: “The 1760-square-meters store sales rooms were entirely renewed.”

The customers  awaited in passion for the new SPAR to be open.  On the day of opening the store was full by the local customers. They welcomed the newly designed delicate desks, and  the show bakery shelves. The shop equipment is designed in the new SPAR store model: at the entrance, at first sight can be recognized the goods by the installation of low shelves – so the customers can easily navigate through the store … fresh meat, wide selection of Hungarian wines, pastries, fruit and veggies can be purchased by the customers. Also a kinda home-goods can be also bought at the store. The refrigerated counter at department and uniquely refrigerated beverage also was developed in the shopping area. The shops of goods and fresh products under label of the popular SPAR own brand of high-quality can also be found beside local products and locally baked bakery products that are affordable.
The also established the SPAR to Go supermarket in developing within the store a restaurant area where locally prepared grilled dishes, fries, pizzas can be purchase.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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