“Midnight Express” – HopTop Brewery – Bronze Award – International Beer Challenge n- 2016


Every year since 2003, more and more competitors brought their beers to compete  at Europe’s largest and one of the world-known beer competition! This year from the four corners of the Earth  – 44 countries, namely 2103 beers were in the competition. This year, a circle of 124 professionals jury participated in blind tasting beers, evaluated the color, smell, taste and overall impression. Master brewers, known experts and beer sommeliers were among the judges from thirty countries

At the  annual brewing competition that commenced … are strictly competitive; the unlimited number of gold, silver and bronze awards  which are based on meeting points thresholds in blind tastings.

This year was the first time that a Hungarian beer won an award at this precious competition. The unique Hungarian craft beer won the Bronze medal. The HopTop Brewery beers are located in Budapest. At the international beer competition in the Dry Stout category the Midnight Express was well recognised to be European Beer Bronze Star at the international beer competitions.

Europe’s largest  – world-known beer competition 2016. Hungarian craft beer won the Bronze medal. HopTop Brewery – Dry Stout category – Midnight Express

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