The 9th Korean Film Festival – in Hungary.


 9th  Korean Film Festival!

November, 8 -12. 2016.

Opening Ceremony will take place at 6 p.m. Sugár Cinema  – Budapest

November rain is usually considered this time of year, but this time it’s not about the weather it is about the forthcoming 9th occasion to the Korean Film Festival.

Make yourself free for those coming days, cause the Korean Cultural Center brings the best Korean films to the Hungarian cinemas … friendship and betrayal, love and passion, tears of laughter and poignant pain, showcases a cavalcade of emotions, which will be worth to get involved!

The Korean films will be screened outside of Budapest between November, 11 and 12 and the Korean film fans at Debrecen, Szeged and Pécs can also look forward for brilliant movie nights.

At the opening screening in Budapest, on the November, 8. at  6 p.m. the audience can watch The Royal Tailor. The 127-minute long movie boasts more than 1,000 hand-made hanboks (Korean traditional female attire) of royal splendor, worthy to the Title. The films protagonist is Gongdzsin, an autonomous young tailor, with pre-age ideas. We can fallow him through his career and intrigue-filled life. The numerous audience award-winning artwork operates with beautiful scenery and stunning settings. It worldwide gained new fans for the Korean cinema.

In 2007 the Hungarian audience were surprisingly grateful and welcomed the 1st. Korean Film Week event. During the six days they could watch eight unforgettable movies, including Park Chan-Wook’s Demilitarized Zone: JSA from the Year 2000. Those who were interested in Korean films know the director in connection with the international film hit, Oldboy. Today, in 2016, 20 prominent films process in the program. As from 2014 every year, the screenings in the chief towns raise the prestige of the film festival.  The Handmaiden (Agassi), which had its debut as a competitor at the Cannes and Toronto Film Festival in 2016. Thanks to the erotic thrillers significance, and the good relationship with the film’s Hungarian distributor.

The Handmaiden will be screened four times at the 9th Korean Film Festival: twice in Budapest, at Sugár Cinema – District, XIV., 24 Örs vezér Square and one time occasion outside the capital  at both cinemas in Debrecen at the Apollo Cinema – 1. Miklós Street  and  at Szeged – Belvárosi Cinema – 3. Vaszy Viktor Square and at Pécs – Apollo Cinema – Perczel Mór Street.

Mind you  the 9th Korean Film Festival is not just about movies, it holds much more … talks about the Korean everyday, the customs, the culture, and the food through the images. It shows the Korean people’s both beautiful and bizarre side. So it is recommended to those who have long been engaged in the Korean cultural circles and those who have just tasted it. This is suggested by this year’s motto to: Get involved! As the “bibimbap”, which show the Korean culinary’s versatility, the festival combines many flavours too, among which we can choose the most satisfying for ourselves; then mix them and got a whole new flavor, film- and culture impression.

The 9th Korean Film Festival tickets can be purchased on the spot at the Sugar Cinema and outside the capital’s cinemas for 500HUF.

Update  Aggie Reiter

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