“V17” – “Gateway to Downtown”!

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On October, 25  was the official opening ceremony to the mega office building, namely:

“V17”  – “Gateway to Downtown” – Budapest!

The venue is at District, XIII. –  17. Váci Road, just next door to the Lehel Market Hall and only a few steps to the M3 metro – underground station.

The workers, representatives, and invited guests were welcomed by Dr. József Tóth – District, XIII. Mayor, Noah Steinberg – president and CEO of judges, also the building developer Gregory Wing Ltd., Walnut Asset Management.  Noah Steinberg – president and CEO of WING, said Q.: “Wing is designed to create future-oriented buildings and with them create an economic, urban planning and functional value. To do so, it provided us with the necessary market expertise, strong financial backing and stable partner network for the role of the leading position. We were able to build on these foundations to implement the „V17” office building, an innovative, environmentally responsible, world-class building, which offers a high quality environment for the world’s leading energy service company the E.ON. Most of the office space E.ON signed a long-term lease with the company’s 600 employees in Budapest.”

The „V17” is not only a fantastic building, but one of the most advanced and greenest office building in Budapest. We are proud to have such an iconic building portfolio to expand our investors.” said CEO – György Biró.

The latest office building complex was also introduced to the individuals present at several levels by joining on a short tour by an E.ON member. Seen well-kept in mind throughout this huge building fully designed within environmentally conscious. The building has a ground floor with also  a modern service restaurant and a new café. Visited a couple of offices of the seven floors. Each floor’s office space was wide and well walk through. The building also bears multi-storey underground car parking area for 209 vehicles.

The landscape of 900 square meters green space was created with the establishment of „V17”. Within the venue there is option for storing 90 bicycles. Also has refreshment facilities as shower room and dressing room, private box pool for mobile calls and a kinda huge mushroom area to carry on discussions whilst not to disturbing in-and-out.  The whole building is equipped with natural ventilation and fresh air supply, also external and internal shading on each level with special multifunctional glass in use of natural light. The airy and green yard in the interior of the building is not only a perfect place for daytime relaxation but also serves as a source of natural light. The complex has intelligent building management systems, energy-saving, all this high-tech look is associated with high visibility. The „V17” is built according to the BREEAM „Very Good” environmental awareness marks expectations.  Definitely, the latest sustainable buildings of the capital’s most modern technology featuring office building with an “A” class office areas provided by E.ON Hungary Ltd. The „V17” is represented by Walnut Asset Management Plc., Tower Property Fund owner and the development WING Ltd. The total investment was completed by the total value of 10 billion HUF.

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