Italian Fashion language … Italian Culture Institution … Budapest – Hungary


One of the three remarkable „F” distinguish mark of Italy.

Just alike in the art of culinary, the fashion is one of the Italian creativity. 

Two Day Conference Title –  “What is the Italian fashion language that speak to us?”

Italian Culture Institution – Federico Felline Hall

Wednesday, 4 p.m. – October, 19. 2016.

District, VIII., 8. Bródy Sándor Street

It is well-know and recognized form of expression at the international level, the fashion vocabulary can be recognised with the French effects. Is it still the present case in our everyday? And just why do you need so many foreign words in the typical Made-in-Italy sector? These and other similar questions looking for answers at the presentation by Prof. Stefano Ondelli – Universitá Degli Studi Di Treieste – Italy.


Thursday, 6 p.m. – October, 20. 2016.

To-day, the independent design, has a language of its own, which has become a standard feature of the Italian culture. What was the role in this language that led to its creation? The first sign the “Stile Industriale” and ” Made in Italy” is the term used today. How was it transferred to the characteristics in the design of terms and concepts in this particular language and in everyday conversation?

These are some of the questions looking for the answers in the Italian Design Language of Italian Designers.

The presentations are held by Prof. Elena Dellapiana – Politecnico di Torino and Prof. Anna Siekiera – Universitá del Molise.

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