Miklós Vámos – “A Hattyúk Dala” – “The Swan’s Song” – historical novel – 2016.

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Upon invitation by Publisher of Europe, took part at a premiere venue walk and by attending the presentation at the Bóbita Theater in the city of Pécs. Rolling along the city’s major scenes of the novel was as back in time of a historical travel, where our footsteps took us back two thousand years. It is not by accident chosen venue … the writer believes that there he was conceived nearly 66 years ago. We stopped at significant buildings when and where as the great story-teller spoke about the city, the people and its tribe history. Started with its present, and retreat back into the past ages places and buildings. “A Hattyúk Dala” – “The Swan’s Song”  is his latest historical novel that took him around 5 years to complete it. It is a sort of Epic kinds of prose. The reader can start the novel at any chapter’s page. There has no context stories. The book is extensive, and not just because of its over-weight :-).  Within the short chapters we comfortable learn about the places history. We simply roll over to the next chapter without a notice we have reached another time zone.  The chapters are not in the traditional way related to each other. The book appeared this year in October.  The Book’s presentation took place at the Bóbita Theater, whereas the 180-seat theater was full with not only local residents who most probably all had a jolly-good day. They say about author he never smiles … well at Pécs exploring the venues  and during his presentation several times on his face a trace of smiles appeared … maybe he was in good company.

As the poet said beside others at his presentation … Q .: “I always try to write a book, which I also like to read. I’m happy if my book is a success, but I’m trying not to comply anyone. I believe that who is afraid of failure, never reach will the real success.”

Would be a long stage to present all the poet’s literature life, but it deserves to mention at least two stage  of them … He spent 2 years at the Fulbright scholarship as a visiting professor in the States, whereas he taught at Yale School of Drama – City University of N.Y. and other universities film and drama faculties.  In his early age was a rock musician in the Guerrilla band, he is a.k.a. known as Tibor Vámos.

Till present day his 39 volumes have been published. He wrote novels, dramas, short stories, film scenarios.

One thing to draw your attention and mind you „A Hayttúk Dala” – The Swan’s Song”  was written in Hungarian language, but hopefully here in Hungary and around the world there will be readers to enjoy the book who bear Hungarian knowledge.



6 p.m. – Monday, October, 17. 2016.

District, XIII., 7. Hollán Ernő Street – Budapest

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