Budapest Wholesale Market celebrating its 25th Birthday – 2016!

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A quarter century ago major construction took place at the Nagykőrösi Road, whereas the country’s  biggest wholesale market  was built up, learned from Zoltán Házi – director – Budapest Wholesale Market Ltd. taking part by invitation to celebrate the day on the wholesale market  25th birthday  night event.

The wholesale market in Budapest is the largest market in the country with fresh fruit and vegetables. This huge market was opened in 1991 after moving from a rather and not too arranged area at the  Bosnian square to this final venue.

The market’s  infrastructure and services is steadily developing …  there are currently about 25000 square meters area warehouse and refrigeration halls, 55000 square meters area of maturing banana and cold storage … introducted  the processing of bananas at 4 levels. According to the ripening controller, from the raw to the edible ripe bananas takes 4 days to matured in special gas.

Unbelievable a variety of fruits from all over the world … i.e. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand and so forth we were introduced by Péter Somogyi – managing director of Virtual Fruit Ltd.Co and his wife. These  mouth-watering fruits and veggies are mainly taken away by fancy restaurants … dressing, decorating their cold and other cuisine menus.  Learn on the spot  there are 3 kind of passion fruits, the yellow color  has a bitter taste, the huge plum shape is semi-sweet and the most known around the world is the slightly dented which are the sweetest ones.  Also was a kinda very dark blue grapes, but the pulp was as green as the kiwi. Talking about the kiwi … arriving from New Zealand the KiwiLand … there were much to our surprise called baby kiwi but a.k.a. kiwi berries, here simply says “eat me”… it is the “it” fruit of the moment! Having to think about the size would say, smaller than a strawberry and similar to a ripe cherry. “Meet” the unique banana offered to taste … kinda claret. slightly brownish-skinned with flavor of  banana and strawberry.

In addition to the logistical role in further strengthening the supply of goods to other major food groups appearance is also planned, such as frozen and processed products. To this end, a new warehouse construction plans are on its way in to be built. Also examining the possibilities cooperation in the establishment of food processing plants as well.

Last year, over 168 thousand producers were registered, which means that 2500 producers regularly sold their products at the market. In the beginning the place was 10-acre, but to-day this area is now almost three and a half times bigger which means it has increased to 33 hectares. There was a turnover of 2.7 billion HUF last year said Zoltán Házi. Also spoke about the productions  saying, in recent years the production due to change in hectic weather the amount sold in the wholesale market of vegetables and fruits minimally has changed. In 2015 has exceeded to 400 000 tonnes. The 120 indoor merchant and at 1200 open-area the producer retail outlet provides nearly 250 wholesale business, and ongoing producers wholesale trading.

Was invited to stop at the market’s fried dough, where the two ladies hands formed the fresh fried dough, sprinkled with fresh garlic, sour cream, grated cheese. Was the best in town!

Winding up the evening’s celebration was crowed by releasing 500 LED balloons with invited celebrities and workers also admiring the large-scale of fireworks.

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