Newflash: Pre-Goodyear Truck Championship and Festival – Hungaroring – 2016.


Race trucks and sport cars rolling through the street of Budapest!

August, 25.  between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Most probably many locals and tourist just walking downtown area haven’t seen such a huge number of vehicles rolling along beside them … worthwhile not to miss it!

Before the official race day … for those interested … a grand truck  parade  on August, 25. 2016., 15 race trucks, 15 luxury Blancpain made sports cars will arrive to the Square ’56 – (Ötvenhatosok tere) Budapest, which can be also admired up close as well. The vehicles are arriving from the Hungaroring between 5.15 p.m – 5.30 p.m.

Within the approximately 3 hours event, vehicles moving onwards will surely catch many eyes walking by. On the spot giving autographs by Norbert Kiss – European champion truck driver and an opportunity to purchase this year’s Truck Championships and Festival T-shirts.

On August, 27 – 28. 2016.

Hungary Truck Festival – (HTF)  – Grand Race – Goodyear supporters expands the Hungaroring.

This invitation goes out to all fans addicted to Truck Championship. The Festival begins at Mogyoród at the Hungarian F1 venue!   The Volán bus will be giving free transportation to the Hungaroring.

Goodyear’s involvement in truck racing at the Hungaroring and the presence of a good illustration of leadership and commitment to the company by providing the transport industry towards efficiency-enhancing and cost-saving products and services.

Most probably some may know that the Goodyear racing tires, even at a speed of 160 km/H  are 5.5-ton trucks. To view the excitement of the competition the audience may visit the programs and also offers an option to take a visit to the Fan Village ETRC. Hungary  is one of the station of the 2016 FIA International Series Truck Championship.

The fans may enter and have a look behind the pit lane special area located in the village. No age limit … a real family affair for younger and elder fans both will have great fun while thoroughly acquainted with the Goodyear premium truck tires in and applied the technology developed Goodyear truck racing tires as well.

The Goodyear will have the presence of the FIA European Championship Truck (ETRC) at the Hungaroring which contribute to a range of attractions to entertain the  to amuse the audience.

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